Tribute to Sonny Okosuns as Nigerians wait for ‘change’

Many years after independence we still find it difficult to stand… With the eventual emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the nation’s number one citizen under a new garb, will the much expected change now come?

You can’t forget the Ozzidi King, Sonny Okosuns, in a hurry. Though retired to the great beyond for close to a decade now, the legacies he left behind still reverberate.

One of the them is the lyrically-powerful, evergreen song ”Which Way Nigeria” which has remained unanswered many years after its release. Like his contemporary Fela, Okosuns harped on burning issues as they (still) affect Africa with their songs while they lived.

We remember Sonny Okosuns here today because his seventh day out of this sinful world (May 24, 2008) coincided with another hope for the betterment of Naija as Buhari takes over.

But the question many Nigerians are asking is whether it will come to pass. Whether we can now find it easy to stand with all the attendant problems here and there?

Okosuns was a brave man and he needed no research bank to put into vinyl the catalogue of woes that consistently befall the nation after all said and done. He extended to the entire continent of course before Christ ‘arrested’ him upon which he became an evangelist.

The detribalized musician who hailed from Edo State, remains a role model and mentor to many, unfortunately died of a colon cancer in Washington. Death, being a necessary end did not in any way delete his innumerable contributions to the transformation of the Black man and nation. May his soul continue to rest in peace, amen.

However, the question still lingers. Which way Nigeria? And this was how some Nigerians surmised it. ”It will only take a miracle to take this country to the promise land. After all said and done, and changes in leadership structures, nothing seems to be be working. The new hope in Buhari might just be another mirage, perhaps it’s to seek real divine intervention,” Mike Akpan, a social commentator said.

Garba Musa, a businessman, however allays the fears swearing that the new helmsman is the long-awaited Messiah that will right all the wrongs of the country.  ”Like he has pleaded, let’s give him a chance, he will surely deliver and set the country free.”

”It may not be easy for Buhari to do anything positive because the country belongs to the same old caucus who don’t want any one to surpass their achievements in office, I see his coming as a mere hype and I want Nigerians to watch out and see what happens next. I am not a pessimist though,” Umunna Okorie, a blogger, added.

Divergent views from many. And the ball is finally in the court of the new Aso Rock occupants. The overwhelming prayer, as more Nigerians opened up, is that the question the late Ozziddi warlord, Sonny Okosuns asked almost two decades ago, will cease to be our sing-song.

We welcome them.


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