Idris Wada



A former Governor of Kogi State, Capt. Idris Wada has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to cancel the Saturday State Assembly and Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency Supplementary elections in Dekina Local Government.

Wada who made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at Odu-Ogboyaga, Dekina Local Council on Saturday said the call was based on the malpractice and violence that marred the election.

The former governor alleged that gun-wielding hoodlums in police uniform stole ballot boxes in most wards and units in Dekina.

“In Odu Ward 1, Unit 001, where I voted, votes for other parties than APC were removed from the boxes and torn as soon as a voter voted and left the vicinity of the unit.

“When they heard that I was coming, they stopped and everything was calm but as soon as I voted and left, they resumed. I complained to the Electoral Officer and of course, he denied it.

The former governor claimed that in many places in Odu ward, hoodlums invaded polling units, sometimes with police escort, carried the ballot boxes and papers and disappeared.

He said the turnout of voters was abysmally low because of gun shots throughout the night and in the morning.

“In Odu-Okpakili-Ate, there was no election. Materials were brought and just as they were getting ready, one APC agent said unless everybody voted APC there would be no election and at the end, there was no election.

“I am calling on INEC to cancel the election and ensure that there is proper and adequate security in the future if they are going to repeat it and the security needs to be professional. They must not be biased.

“These are tenured elections, tenured positions. So, let the best man win, there is no need for bias. We cannot make progress democratically if we continue like this. This is the worst election I have seen in my lifetime. I am very sad, very sad.

“We came all the way from Abuja to come home to vote. You know it’s supposed to be a joyful event. An opportunity to express who you want to lead you and it has turned into a very sad and disgraceful endeavour, I am very sad.

“What is happening in Igala land is painful and disheartening because we are products of this land. We had a future because there was justice and fairness. I came home with joy in my heart thinking that we are building a future but what I have seen now is very demoralising”, he said. (NAN)


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