Sanwo-Olu, SEC, NGX, IFC renews call for gender-focused initiatives
Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State governor

Grace Moses, the mother of Emmanuel Sanwo-Olu, a Delta man who claims to be the son of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, has said the governor is her son’s father.

Moses said this while addressing newsmen shortly after the court adjourned the paternity case involving the governor and her son, Emmanuel at Delta State High Court on Tuesday.

Emmanuel, who is a father of three children, came out publicly to claim that Sanwo-Olu, is his biological father in 2022.

The woman, who spoke in pidgin English, she said, “When I had the baby, he was always troubling me. To the extent that when I moved, I didn’t want him to know where I was, because when he comes, it was with anger.

“I told my son that his father’s name is Sanwo-Olu. He always put his hand in his pocket and he is always wears low cut. I told him (Emmanuel) that his father always use left (hand) to eat and write and that his father is not a cripple but a Yoruba man.

“He (Emmanuel) called me one day and asked me if I will recognise his father if I see him and I asked him ‘why won’t I know someone that I made love with?’ When it was not a one-night stand. I told him I know him.”

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