Tribute to My Father, Mentor and Benefactor, Late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke
Late Adeleke

By Alhaji Kazeem Akinleye

Death is inevitable end of every human creature, if not, nobody would have wished not to see you again

On this day, 23rd April, 2017, the eagle flew home in a blaze of glory and the world, literarily stood still, the death of my father, mentor and political teacher, Senator (Alhaji) Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke was announced. Alas!!! It was like the whole world had collapsed! The bird ceased to fly, there was a perfect decorum every where.

Five years after your glorious exit, your spirit continues to enjoy peace of the Almighty God, together with the unfailing and unalloyed loyalty of your well-wishers.

I have painstakingly taken your exit to the great beyond as a cross and hurdles of my life which I have to bear with equanimity.

Your unequivocal attitude and mentorship can not be quantified, Oh! I have missed your fatherly advice, your political sagacity, and your generosity.

You taught me how to be kind with people. Your humility is second to none. Who will be my guardian now? From whom will I tap priceless knowledge now? Oh death, where is thy sting?

There is no second of dull moment for your sweet memory. Each passing day keeps you evergreen in my mind. Why not, if not? Your workerholic habit taught me to be strong in all my dealings and encourage me to attain the ladder I am in life.

Testimonies of the people about you gave me the succour, though finding it difficult to believe you have gone

Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, your clear vision and ideology of others first, self last remain cardinal point of your followers and would continue to be sustained by all and sundry. Not only in Nigeria but all over the world.

The leader of leaders. My leader yesterday, today and forever, continue to rest in perfect peace in Aljanat fridaus. Sweet is your memory my father and mentor



Alhaji Kazeem Akinleye is the former Chairman, Ede North Local Government, Osun state



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