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Sen. Oyewumi’s performance a threat to APC in Osun West district – Aide



Sen. Oyewumi's performance a threat to APC in Osun West district - Aide

Senate Deputy Minority Leader, Senator Olalere Oyewumi’s outstanding performance is a threat to the All Progressives Congress in Osun West Senatorial District.

This is according to Comrade Samakin Abdul-Jeleel Abiodun, Senator Oyewumi’s Director of Youth and Women Mobilization, in a release issued in Osogbo on Monday.

The threat, according to him, had led to the “ranting of its State Chairman, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal.”

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Abiodun noted that Senator Oyewumi has touched the grassroots of the 10 Local Government Areas of Osun West, the feedback of which turned to be negative for APC and positive for the People’s Democratic Party.

He said these are the reasons why the APC members are starkly jealous of his personality, adding that, “if the results of the 2023 general election in Osun west were critically examined, Senator Oyewumi won in nine Local Governments out of ten, and even the remaining one, Ejigbo Local Government, was just a little different.

“The question is, can a candidate rig an election in the 10 Local Governments as claimed by the State Chairman of Osun APC, Sooko Tajudeen? That is not possible. Anyone who purports that must have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, otherwise such a personality is suffering from psychological trauma or needs a brain check-up,” he added

He continued, “Akogun Lere Oyewumi is a grassroots politician. He is very close to the people at the grassroots. Since he assumed office, he has never abandoned the voters who voted for him. He usually makes himself available for the people at the grassroots.

“The achievements of Distinguished Senator Olalere Oyewumi in Osun West Senatorial District within a year are also one of the critical surprises that shocked and affected the sanity of opposition party APC.

“Senator Olalere Oyewumi has touched the lives of numerous people in Osun West Senatorial District through various initiatives such as empowerment programmes, construction of roads, installation of solar-powered streetlights in most local governments, donation of transformers for installation in various communities, provision of fertilizers for rural farmers, purchasing of Bajaj motorcycles to assist artisans across the wards in Osun West Senatorial District, donation of cash to the artisans, youth empowerment programs, and so on, just to mention a few.

“The distinguished Senator Olalere Oyewumi has just started his democratic governance, and this is a preliminary stage. He has many beneficial programmes in his archive. The scorecard of Osun West Senator, Distinguished Senator Olalere Oyewumi, who also doubles as the Senate Deputy Minority Leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is unique and exceptional. This outstanding performance has been a major issue that has aggravated the headache of the APC.

“His performance has been giving the opposition party in Osun West Senatorial District sleepless nights, causing a nightmare. What they only do is launch a series of social media attacks on his personality, but unfortunately, they have failed because the good people of Osun State are very conscious of APC lies and fallacies. They are well-known for propaganda, mostly on social media”

“There is no dispute about it, Osun APC is in serious confusion that needs no sympathy. To be candid, we understand their plight and political situation, but they should take it easy and prepare for the next election. Attacking the personality of a reasonable, vibrant, articulate, and very eloquent Senator who prioritizes the conveniences of his people that he represents as his first charge responsibility, such performance is a defeat for the Osun APC. Osun West Senatorial District has never been so lucky to have a good representative in the Senate like Senator Olalere Oyewumi”

“He is doing fantastically well, and we can clearly feel his impact in the ten (10) Local Governments of Osun West Senatorial District. They should start preparing for the 2026/2027 election. A candid advice to the State Chairman of Osun APC, Sooko Tajudeen, to focus squarely on his party assignment rather than defaming a God-chosen personality like Senator Olalere Oyewumi, instead of dancing naked in a market place. The Director of Youth and Women Mobilization for Distinguished Senator Olalere Oyewumi, Osun West Senatorial District” he stated.

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