When on Sunday, Pastor Bola Odutola, the pastor in charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Province 40, mounted the pulpit, not many expected what he said the moment he opened his mouth to speak. For him, it was time to tell the truth the way it should be told, a time to call a spade a spade.

“One of the things the recently conducted Presidential elections has done, is that it has rubbished the integrity of many men of God, especially those who spoke resoundingly well about the outcome of the elections as if they had watched exactly how it will play out, even before the elections held,” he said as he looked sternly at the large congregation who nodded their heads in affirmation.

Prophetic declarations about key events have suddenly become a mainstay of the Nigerian Christian circle. Each New Year eve, Christians go to various churches to thank God for seeing them through the year and most important, hear from the mouth of the man of God what the New Year holds in store for them.

However, the prophetic declaration for this year 2015 was indeed very crucial because it is an election year so many looked forward to what various men of God had as their prophetic declarations for the year, especially as regards the elections.

While some renowned men of God such as Pastor E. A Adeboye of the RCCG and Dr. D.K Olukoya of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries chose to make their own prophetic declarations in Parables, many other men of God made their prophetic declarations in clear words.

For most of these prophets, their declarations for the year, particularly for the year elections that were to come, it was a case of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan coasting home to a resounding victory, one which would have seen him retain his seat as the president of Nigeria for another four years. However, they were very wrong.

Most of these self proclaimed prophets boasted to the media that God revealed to them in a vision that the All Progressive Congress (APC), has no place inside Aso Rock.

Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder of Champions Royal Assembly said God revealed to him that President Goodluck Jonathan would win the elections but his prophesy did not come to pass.

He said “No matter how powerful or well organized the 2015 general election is, it will be faulted. I am not a politician nor do I belong to any political party. I am just speaking God’s mind. The person sitting on the seat might not be perfect, but he will retain the seat. It is purely not guess work. However, it will be a battle between the Lion and the Tiger. President Jonathan will surely win, except I am not a true man of God.”

Another man of God who predicted the outcome of the Presidential elections woefully is Apostle Frederick, Senior Pastor of Wonder City Chapel and President of the BB Frederick Ministries, Ghana.

“Nigerians should watch out for the second term of His Excellency President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Although it looks very challenging with him and his ruling party now, he will surely win the Presidential elections. He would only lose if I am not a true man of God,” he said.

One man of God who is highly respected both within and outside the shores of this country but unfortunately wrongly predicted the outcome of the Presidential election is Apostle Johnson Suleman, the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries.

Perhaps, his own wrong prediction about the outcome of the elections came as a shocker because not only has he been spot on with his predictions especially on national issues, he close ties with a good number of APC governors such as Governor Abdulfatar Ahmed of Kwara state, Adams Oshiomole of Edo state and Rotimi Amechi of Rivers state, which naturally would have made him biased and declared that the APC would win the election. Nevertheless, he declared that President Jonathan would retain his seat as Nigeria’s next president.

“I see President Goodluck Jonathan coming back but there will be serious trouble. Patience Jonathan needs serious prayers. The 2015 presidential elections will be rigged, marred in violence and end up in court cases. It is another June 12 because the man who truly won will not govern or rule,” Apostle Suleman said.

Primate Theophilus Oluwasaanu Olabayo is the founder of Evangelical Church of Yaweh. He too predicted about the outcome of the elections wrongly.

According to him, there would not be elections in 2015 as Nigeria is going to witness one of the worst political assassinations in its history.

“God revealed to me that instead of elections in 2015, we are going to see one of the worst assassinations this nation will ever witness. God further told me that the South West political zone should be very careful so that the region would not be thrown into another wilderness of wild, Wild West because I saw political assassinations everywhere,” the founder of Evangelical Church of Yaweh said.

The man of God went ahead to state in clear terms that even if there will be election in 2015 in Nigeria, the seat of the president is not vacant.

Prophet Michael Olubode said, “I want to let the people of Nigeria know that the Lord will return His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to his presidential seat. Despite much hatred for him, it pleases the Lord God of the Celestial to increase his tenure at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock.”

For Guru Maharaji, the self acclaimed god of the universe, there was nothing more assuring than the assurance he had that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was going to win the election. As a matter of fact, in one of his very few media briefing, he told the world that Buhari should not waste his money because there is no vacancy in Aso Rock.

“There is no vacancy in Aso Rock. President Goodluck Jonathan is the verifiable divine choice of the forthcoming presidential election. As the Living Perfect Master of creation in whose hands the fate of Nigeria project lies spiritually, I declare divinity’s decision to return Jonathan to Aso Rock over Muhammed Buhari. Buhari will lose and Jonathan will win by a landslide,” the controversial religious figure said.

However, the one that perhaps got to me the most which formed the basis of this feature report was that of Pastor Philip Osung, the Senior Pastor of Bornfree City International. The Sunday before the week of the election, he came to church that morning with an unusual calm and boldness. By the time he picked up the microphone, the pastor who is known for his accurate prophetic declarations told all those who cared to listen that Goodluck Jonathan has no opposition in Aso Rock. He sounded so convincing that I believed him completely.

Thus, on Monday, by the time I arrived office, very much unlike me, I decided to place a bet with a colleague and the price was the whole of my salary. I told my colleague categorically that the man of God had spoken and as such, Jonathan was going to win. This my colleague had just returned from the north and the middle belt part of Nigeria, where he had gone on an investigative tour, to feel the pulse of the masses and their disposition towards Jonathan’s re-election bid. He told me that there was no way Jonathan was going to win, even if the angel came down to vote for him. But I failed to tow the line of reason.

I then staked my whole salary for Jonathan’s victory because I believed the words of a man of God whose prophecy had never failed. By the time the election results began to come in trickles, it became obvious that I had goofed.