Foremost Nigerian gospel musician, Nathaniel Bassey believes that Christianity, unlike what many believe, is not about hitting it big. According to him, gospel music is not about using the name of Jesus to achieve hits, fame, cars, lands, houses, endorsement,  awards etc. For him, Christianity is about taking up your cross and following Jesus.
Bassey revealed that even though we can hit it big because we serve a God of breakthroughs whose will is for us to prosper, such prosperity must not come at the expense of one’s salvation because they are mere benefits of salvation.
The gospel musician also called on all gospel musicians who are into gospel music for the sake of fame and fortune to quit gospel music so that they do not get disappointed.
“If your sole aim and ambition is to hit it big as a gospel musician and amass as much wealth as you can, you better quit. If the reason why you are into gospel is not to use your songs to propagate the kingdom of Christ, then you will surely be disappointed and frustrated out of the gospel music.”
He also used the opportunity to call on friends and fellow music ministers to wake up and discern. According to him, they are the ones living the good life because the good life is the God-life.