Ogoni youths want monthly salary, scholarships
Oil Spill. Credit: Ecologist

Adebayo Obajemu

Ogoni youths are asking for monthly salary, employment and scholarships from the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited, as compensation on account of multiple oil spills from the Trans Niger Pipeline which rocked the area in the last one month.

In recent years, the Bodo community in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State has persistently witnessed multiple oil spills in one of which SPDC confirmed was as a result of equipment failure.

In view of this spoilage,youths of Ogoni are asking for relief materials and the sum of N40million to be paid by SPDC to each adult citizen of Bodo community as compensation for the spill, which according to them has impacted their farmlands, crops, houses and well water.

Nyieodah Behbari, Leader of Bodo Youths Congress, affirmed that they (youths) have denied the Dutch company access to clamp the spill, by barricading the spill site, until their demands are met.

Behbari said they will resist any attempt by Shell to use security agencies to forcefully enter the spill site, saying that in 2020 Shell absconded from responsibility after clamping down a similar spill, without compensating the community.

He warned that failure of Shell to heed to their demands after 14days, the community will take up legal proceeding against the Dutch firm in order to ensure that justice is prevailed.

Some of their demands include, “an individual compensation to the citizenry of Bodo City to the tune of N40million each. That Shell should replace their aged pipeline in Bodo City and its environment.

“That an international standard skill acquisition center, an ICT center be build and made functional in Bodo. That the Bodo Youths be given scholarship, employment and the required training in oil and gas.

“That Shell should build a standard and world class hospital in Bodo City to tackle the health
challenges on the people from the oil spills. That electricity (gas turbine) be buit in Bodo City.

“Shell should place Bodo citizen on monthly salary. Potable drinking water should be provided to the Bodo people without delay as our present source ot drinking water is contaminated.”

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