Coronavirus, Covid-19

Nigeria on Wednesday, recorded a total of 4,035 new cases of the Covid-19, representing the highest daily number of cases recorded in Nigeria since the virus came into the country last year.

This is according to an update by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The new figures brought the total number of people infected by the virus since inception to 231,413, and represents 90% increase in cases compared to 2,123 recorded on the previous day.

The country has continued to witness spike in positive cases of the virus likely driven by the more transmissible Omicron variant of the virus.

So far in the week, a total of 7,930 new cases of the covid-19 has been recorded in the country with the number of active cases hitting 16,569, which is the highest since August 2021.

A breakdown of the 4,035 cases shows that Lagos State led the pack with 3,393 new cases, accounting for 84.1% of the total cases recorded on Wednesday. Rivers State followed with 260 cases, Edo (62), Akwa Ibom (42), Kaduna (39), Ekiti (38), Oyo (38), Delta (31), Kano (31), Ogun (30), Abia (26), Bauchi (15), Ondo (14), Enugu (9) and Kwara (7).

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, a total of 2,991 deaths have been recorded, while 211,853 patients have been discharged. It is worth noting that about 3.75 million tests have been carried out in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Nigeria currently ranks 8th on the list of highest number of cases in Africa, following the likes of Kenya and Egypt with 270,899 and 377,960 cases respectively


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