Government is battling with the challenge of illegal refinaries in the Niger-Delta

Adebayo Obajemu

Alarmed and outraged by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation’s move to relocate the N21 billion medical facility it considers building to Kaduna instead of the Niger Delta, a group, Leadership for Peace Development Security and Humanitarian Rights Association of Niger Delta has threatened to exploit all legal measures including protests and rallies to ensure that justice is done .

The group in its protest letter said it considered it absurd and unjustifiable for NNPC as the head of all the international oil companies operating in the Niger Delta to think of first citing such a project in Kaduna when there is none in the Niger Delta states where crude oil is being produced.

According to it, such project is needed more in the region to cushion the adverse effect of oil production.

”…there is no region that needs medical facilities from NNPC more than the Niger Delta region where people are exposed to all kinds of pollution from cradle to grave”.

“lt is not good for the prince to trek when the beggar is riding on a horse or to work like an elephant only to eat like an ant,” the statement read in part.

Comrade Tiemo, the Group President said that the proposed NNPC N21 billion Medical Facility in Kaduna should be executed across the six geopolitical zones at the same time for justice to prevail.