Northern governors call for state police over insecurity
Northern governors

The Middle Belt Forum (MBF) rejected the position of Northern governors on power rotation, warning that they are seeking the break-up of Nigeria by their resolve at their Kaduna meeting that power would not shift to the South in 2023.

MBF President, Dr. Bitrus Pogu described the position of the governors as a threat to the unity of the country and a dangerous signal that could threaten the foundation of the country.

Pogu reminded the governors that they were not speaking for the people of the Middle Belt who should not be classified as northerners as there was nothing like a monolithic North anymore.

“The Governors of the North should first and foremost realise that there is nothing like a monolithic North again. Secondly they should know that the Middle Belt can never be part of such a position that is anti-people. So they should all hide their faces in shame for saying power will not go to the south in 2023,” Pogu said.

“They should remember that because of what happened to (MKO) Abiola, in 1999 we zoned the presidency to the South-West not just South. The country has maintained that rotation so that peace can reign in the country and no part of the country will feel alienated.

“Therefore, in this situation, for them to insist that presidency should be retained in the North after that zone has completed its eight years tenure in 2023, is a shame.

“It means they want Nigeria to break up. That is what they are after. They are not lovers of Nigeria. They are the people who hate Nigeria and it is obvious by the position they took yesterday.

“But they must realise that the Middle Belt is not with them because there is no more monolithic North. Even the traditional rulers of Middle Belt who were invited to that meeting in Kaduna were not with them. They were in attendance and watched what transpired but I can assure you that their hearts were not there.

“On the issue of VAT, we know that Governor Wike and his Lagos counterpart felt it was not proper for them to generate VAT and get so little.

“The matter is currently at the Apex court and it is not for anyone to say anything or take a position at this moment. It is the Supreme Court that will determine the position of the constitution and the matter will be rested for good,” he said.


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