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Insecurity: 25,000 people missing in Northeast Nigeria, Group says



Insecurity: 25,000 people missing in Northeast Nigeria, Group says

At least 25,000 persons are said to be missing in Northeast Nigeria, according to stakeholders who say they have decided to meet to ensure their families are not forgotten.

A statement made available on Monday by the International Committee of the Red Cross says the victims are a result of the conflict in the North-East.

The statement was signed by Aliyu Dawobe and Pat Griffiths and issued ahead of its Tuesday meeting with stakeholders co-hosted by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and, Social Development as well as the National Human Rights Commission.

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The stakeholders said the essence of the meeting would be to seek solutions for those missing and their families, the Deputy Protection Coordinator ICRC, Kouame Adjoumani, was quoted to have said.

Adjoumani added, “Behind every missing person, there are many more people suffering from the anguish and uncertainty of not knowing the fate and whereabouts of a loved one.

“Families of the missing face economic, psychosocial, administrative and legal difficulties all at once – and can be unable to rebuild their lives until these challenges are overcome.”

The meeting was conveyed to raise awareness, establish collaborative networks, develop methods towards solutions, build avenues for engagement, as well as discuss priorities and an action plan to support families of the missing.

Also, Anne-Sofie Stockman, a delegate, who works with families of the missing for the ICRC in Nigeria, disclosed that the actual number of missing persons could be much higher than 25,000.

She disclosed that more than 90 per cent of ICRC missing cases in Nigeria are connected to the armed conflict in the northeast.

“Our caseload of more than 25,000 missing people in Nigeria is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

“The actual number of those missing is likely much higher.”


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