MKO Abiola was the focal point of pro-democracy movement in the 90s.

Idowu Olakunle, Abeokuta

Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, today posited that if Nigerians do not remember what MKO Abiola and June 12, stand for, “our country will continue to search endlessly for nationhood.”

He therefore admonished Nigerians to build bridges and demolish sectarian fences if they know they want to remember the acclaimed winner of the June 1993 presidential election, the late Bashorun MKO Abiola and celebrate the day he won the election.

The governor gave the advice in Abeokuta while speaking at the 2021 Democracy Day celebration.

He explained that, “Nigerians cannot afford to bring down the country or show despair in its future,” noting that “the supreme price paid by the late Abiola and his mandate should serve as a reminder that Nigerians are stronger together as a Nation”

Abiodun said that until Nigerians embrace the essence of the MKO persona, internalize belief in self, faith in a united country and other initiatives that help to engender a sense of shared heritage amongst Nigerian people, we will continue to be a country in search of Nationhood.

He further urged Nigerians to push all the negative and divisive forces and policies on the back-foot and embrace the symbolism of June 12, saying “let us join hands to make Nigeria work for all Nigerians.”

Such unity, according to the governor, will end all quest for self-determination and other sectarian agitations, and calm frayed nerves.

“June 12 represents what will strengthen the country’s unity, indivisibility and oneness.Therefore, we must not forget that, as individuals, we can also change the course of history, like MKO did, even at this point in time. We must all note that each and every one of us, our actions and inactions, will either propel the country forward or fuel the already tensed situation” said the governor

He opined that Nigeria should rise and fulfill its full potentials in the comity of nations, stressing “we should not limit that mandate and success to 1993. We must ensure that the hope is kept alive. We cannot afford to bring down our country or show despair in our future. Truly, Nigeria shall rise again.”

The governor noted that Ogun had continued to show serious interest in the Nigeria’s unity, because indigenes of the state have made the greatest contributions, sacrifices for the unity, oneness and solidarity of Nigeria.

“My administration will continue to focus on the individual prosperity of the people and continued socio-economic development of the state, in line with what MKO Abiola offered and preached, which earned him the mandate of the good people of Nigeria in 1993” Abiodun added.

He pointed out that Abiola’s campaign programme of ‘Farewell to Poverty’ is akin to his administration’s ‘Building our Future Together Agenda’, which is being executed through our I.S.E.Y.A mantra.

“We will continue to be fair, just, equitable, accountable, open, transparent, inclusive and obey the rule of law. It is part of our forward and deliberate approach to saying a ‘Farewell to Poverty’ two years down the line. I am proud to say that we are a promise keeping Administration. We have either fulfilled or are fulfilling all our electoral promises. We have rekindled the hope of our people in their own government and continued to make them the essence of governance. That is the essence of democracy as preached and pursued by MKO Abiola”, the governor submitted.