Surprise as Buhari commends Uzodimma, says,
Buhari in Imo State

By Ori Martins

Following the claims and counter claims between the Imo State Government and the state chapter of the PDP about the true conditions and clear nature of the three projects President Muhammadu Buhari commissioned today, Business Hallmark sought to unveil the facts from fictions.

For a graphic understanding of the interplay involved, an independent public affairs analyst who also doubles as an executive member of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youths, Comrade Onwasoanya FCC Jones, was reached for his unbiased opinion.

He said, ” The Governor Hope Uzodimma has executed, at least, one major road project, and that is the Owerri -Orlu road. That road looks very good and I am hopeful that it will stand the test of the weathers. This road gets an added significance when you consider that a previous governor of the state, spent eight years building it, and I personally praised his efforts at some time, but no sooner than the construction equipment left the site than the roads became almost impassable.

“I can confirm that this road was a horrible sight at the time this governor took office. This road is about 47 kilometres, and finishing it to what looks a reasonable standard is encouraging. Certainly, the governor’s effort on this road is worth celebrating, but certainly, not with a presidential commissioning”

Onwasoanya also poured encomiums on Uzodimma on the Owerri Okigwe Road. He said, “The Owerri -Okigwe Road is yet to be completed. Credible information at my disposal suggests that construction work stopped at Anara, and going from Anara to Okigwe is a torturous nightmare, no motorist would want to encounter”.

“The fear is that, if the governor’s major motivation for constructing this road is for the President to commission it, then, he might abandon the remaining part of the road after the President has come and gone. Like the Owerri -Orlu road, this road was also horrible during the eight years of my former boss. Credit must be given to Chief Ihedioha, who in his very brief time as governor laid a strong groundwork for this construction, including delivering a solid concrete work on some stretch of that road before his controversial ousting by the Supreme Court”.

On the other hand, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth executive member has this to say, “The Imo State House of Assembly Complex was indeed tastefully renovated. That complex was a sorry sight the last time I visited there, and even though I didn’t physically visit the complex this time, if the pictures making the rounds on social media is the current condition of the complex, then, it is worthy of commendation. And we also hope it lasts the test of time”.

In what appears to be an indictment on Governor Uzodimma, the public affairs commentator said, “Some of the roads which were commissioned by the President during his last visit, barely a year ago, have washed off. The Ihiagwa-Nekede road which was celebrated as a masterpiece isn’t in an excellent condition presently and the MCC road which the governor has promised to construct many times, is still in a pathetic state.

“Some of the roads billed for commissioning today, were as at yesterday, still undergoing emergency works on them. This leaves you with an impression that someone is more interested in satisfying some interests than working for the people”.

Clearly, Onwasoanya raised a begging question. Was Uzodimma right to have invited Buhari to Imo State for the above mentioned projects even when some of them are not completed? Onwasoanya answered in the affirmative. But the publicity secretary of Imo State APC, Comrade Cajetan Duke Akuta, disagree

According to him, “Given the character, personality and pedigree of Buhari, we all can attest that he is not a frivolous being. President Buhari is not given to showbiz, rendervouz and all the frills and thrills that complete razzmatazz.

” Rather, he is serious minded, straight to the point and forwardly conservative. It goes to expose the glaring fact that, for the Imo State governor, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, to have convinced the Nigerian president, a no nonsense character with tight busy schedules, to visit the state twice in one year, rapidly entails the governor’s capacity, capability and work delivery”.

He went further to state thus, “The president is not in Imo for a jamboree jam as the opposition elements in the state have disappointedly and mischievously proclaimed albeit without success. Our dear workaholic and ingenious President Buhari is Imo to commission elegant and massively commendable people oriented projects – world class – for that matter, graciously embarked upon and wonderfully completed by the action governor, Senator Uzodimma”.

The APC spokesperson narrated the importance as well as the significance of the projects. “At the mention of Owerri – Okigwe Road, what really comes to mind is the hell and intractable Ekemele Bullshit!!! It was a nightmare to motorists and commuters. It was so bad that drivers, by themselves, sought escape routes by calibrating through the equally dangerous surrounding village roads stuffed with craters. Ekemele was to vehicles and drivers what the Bamunder Triangle was to flights and pilots: Cross And Die (CAD). But today, the sufferings, economic waste, emotional and psychological breakdown that were the fruits of Ekemele are things of the past.

“Based on the foregoing, if an element of good governance is to identify and solve problems, Uzodimma, frankly, deserves a gold medal here. That is, as it is said, if public office is meant for public good, Governor Uzodimma has tremendously, to the astonishment of the vanishing opposition, accomplished nobly in this regard”, he explained.

He concluded, saying, “When you take a purposeful look at Uzodimma and Buhari, you see two men whose folksy inclinations have been working almost perfectly for them. These are two leaders, administrators who are in tandem in being more conciliatry symbolically to achieve peace, tranquility and an all encompassing dividends of democracy which are security, prosperity and freedom”.


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