Adebayo Obajemu

Most companies have started issuing health advisory to their staff, the core of which borders on hospitals to avoid.

Recently, two of Nigeria’s top companies have advised their staff to avoid certain private hospitals in Lagos, which are believed to have been contaminated by the Coronavirus.

Recall that some private hospitals in Lagos have temporarily suspended their operations for fear of contaminations.

In an internal memo sent out to all staff by the head of human capital of a tier-1 bank, they were advised to immediately contact the hotlines of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) if they have recently visited any of the hospitals or been in contact with people who have.

A top oil company, Business Hallmark learnt, has advised staff members to use alternative hospitals available under their HMO plan, in order to avoid the “contaminated” hospitals.

In a related development, Vevic Lifecare Hospital in Lekki, Lagos, on Monday,informed the public that its management has decided to suspend operations for approximately ten days. The hospital statement said the decision became necessary after a Covid-19 patient was inadvertently admitted at the facility, even as two hospital staff members ended up contracting the deadly virus.

In view of this, the hospital was closed so it can undergo a full decontamination exercise. In the meantime, the infected hospital staff members were handed over to the NCDC for proper monitoring and treatment.

Saint Nicholas Hospital also released a statement, yesterday, informing the general public that it has decided to temporarily suspend operations for two weeks. Again, the move became necessary after it was discovered that the hospital had been exposed to the contagious virus.

At least, six other hospitals in Lagos are believed to have made a similar decision to suspend operations in the meantime. There are strong indications that more hospitals might do so in the coming days.

Recall that the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control had strongly advised against the treatment of Coronavirus in private hospitals. Hospitals are required to refer any patient displaying symptoms of the virus to the NCDC.


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