Georgia, one of the remaining battleground states in the United States, has flipped blue as democratic party candidate, Joe Biden overtakes the incumbent president, Donald Trump by 917 votes.

There are about 10,000 votes left to be counted in the state, but most are mail votes which favour Biden.

Trump who had held a healthy lead in the state he won in 2016, saw his lead evaporate gradually as mail-in votes which are overwhelmingly in favour of Biden, were tallied .

Trump who currently has 2013 electoral votes, needs to win Georgia to stand a chance of overturning Biden’s 253 electoral votes as the race to 270 needed to win the presidential election gets to a head.

Trump has also seen his lead in another key state of Pennsylvania thin out as Biden continues to make aggressive inroads.

A win for Biden in Pennsylvania, which now looks most likely, will automatically give him victory, given that the state has 20 electoral college votes, even as he now maintains lead in other states such as Nevada, GeorgiaHiand Arizona.