Bola Oyebamiji

By Kingsley Omoyeni

A good boss, through love makes his people realize they have more ability than they think and it makes them consistently do better at whatever they do”

The above quote by Charles Erwin accurately describes the compassion and love with which Osun Commissioner for Finance, Mr Bola Oyebamiji relates with both his domestic and official members of staff.

It’s a blessing to come across a boss who inspires you everyday, working under Bola Oyebamiji is a pleasure, an experience that I will treasure. You are lucky if you come across someone you can make your role model, you are luckier if that person is a boss like Bola Oyebamiji.

Today is a perfect day to let the world know that the Balogun Musulumi of Irewole/Ayedaade/Isokan has been a wonderful boss and father, his supportive nature is everything one could pray to God for, he has groomed me to be a sound professional, he is always striving to make working with him an interesting and a memorable experience. He is not only worried about me effectively and efficiently discharging my responsibilities, but my welfare is of paramount interest to him.

I well remember the first day I met him, his words filled me with courage and determination to carry out my work in the best way possible and thanks to that I could get very good results in all aspects, not just in the workplace. I am so happy for the opportunity to work under the command of this great man, it’s been such an enriching experience that has improved me.

My boss is always willing to listen and discuss new ideas and suggestions with the intention to get things done in a better way, who else does that? Only a father.

Urbane, suave, simple and understanding, Balogun Bola Oyebamiji has proved to be a dependable father to me in the last three years that I started working with him…..He treats me like his own son and i see him as a father and that’s because he has truly stood up for me on several occasions.

His attainment of this memorable new age is of great significance and it marks a watershed in his life, his caring skills have endeared him to many hearts across the globe. I hope he can celebrate this day alongside his loved ones and they can live with him in many more years of happiness.

I pray to Allah to cover his imperfections, purify his intentions, answer all his silent supplications, and provide him with more than he can ever ask for as he strives to put smiles on people’s faces. May Allah continue to enrich him with the wisdom, understanding, and tolerance to navigate through challenges.

I know that soon Allah shall give him that with which he will be well pleased.

Happy birthday my boss and father. Many happy returns.


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