Bizarre: Melaye explains on why he parks cars in sitting room
Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming November 2023 is an unusual man with a weird sense of style and panache.

The Kogi born maverick politician and sometimes budding musician, in spite of the exotic cars at his disposal, says he lives below poverty line.

In a video viewed by Business Hallmark Melaye, revealed that “the cars in his living room are part of the furniture in the house, and he frequently changes them from Rolls Royce to Ferraris and others”.

Many have seen him as always in the habit of displaying obscene wealth, but as far as the politician is concerned, he says: “I live below poverty line.”

When prodded further on how he came about the unprecedented idea, he said that he instructed the architect to build the house in such an unusual view and designate an area in the living room where he could pack his cars.

Dino also demanded that the swimming pool be suspended on the second floor.

He said, “That’s all I wanted. I just told my architect I want a car in the bedroom, I want a car in the living room, and I want my swimming pool suspended on the second floor.

“I also got some very wicked badass two bikes in my living room. I have Davidson in the living room, and I have one of the fastest bikes in the world, Hayabusa, in my living room, with a crocodile seat.”

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