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Bishop Bamidele advocates public holiday for  Pentecost Day



Bishop Bamidele advocates public holiday for  Pentecost Day


The General Overseer of Victory life International and the Chief convener of Pentecost day in Osun state, Bishop Mike Bamidele has advocated for proper recognition of Pentecost by declaring public holiday as they did for hijjirah and Isese .

Speaking with journalist shortly after the minister’s conference to herald this year’s Pentecost day in Osogbo, the state capital, Bishop Bamidele berated the government for their inability to recognize Pentecost Day celebration, more than ten years ago.

He opined that due recognition should be given to Pentecost day as a special day of the holy ghost, adding that it’s injustice for any government to recognized Isese and other Islamics festive and neglect the important day like Pentecost day.

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“I am speaking to everybody who cares to listen, including the state House of Assembly and all the governors who have heard in every home that this day should be recognized as a public holiday. When you give God his blessing he will give you your place.

“One of the reasons why we are suffering now is that we have not yet given God its place in our affairs as a nation”

“Osun state under the then Governor, Rauf Aregbesola gave Isese and Hijirah Day due recognition but ignored the Christians. That can disturb peace, and equity in a polarized and multi-religious society like ours. Whenever you want to do something you must be conscious of all other interests and balances

“I felt that was slapping on us, the same way we have Muslim/Muslim tickets, the same way we have N90 billion being used to sponsor Pilgrimages, the same way we have almost one week holiday to recognize an Islamic holiday during the same one year of this administration” he added

Speaking on happenings in Nigeria, Bishop Bamidele said.the present government need to seek the face of God for proper direction and be sincere in any policy making that will be conscious of the suffering of people.

He said no matter how good intention a policy is, if the outcome is making people cry, those policies need instant review or else, there will be a crash of the entire system because when people get pushed to the wall there will be a reaction.

He averred that the nation is very close to a people revolution if nothing is done about policies that make people to suffer.

“God has given us grace we should not take the grace of God in vain, God has blessed Nigeria and we should not misuse the resources of Nigeria, as Christian also the saving power of God has washed away your sins, you should not go back to things worse than a sinner was doing. That is vandalizing grace, abusing grace, if you are doing unrighteous things and you say grace covers you that is grace abuse” he noted.

While speaking on theme of this year Pentecost Day celebration “Burning Down Evil Garment”, Bishop Bamidele noted that every human being is wearing a cloth physical and spiritual, even if you are mad, you know that you are wearing a mentally deranged person’s garment but God wants to change everyone’s garment individually as a family or as a nation .

He urged Christians to show love and prayed for God’s guardiance through holy spirit, so that, that would be able to overcome any hindrances on their effectiveness.

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