2023: Peter Obi not Igbo candidate, represents aspirations of deprived Nigerians - Elliot Uko
Elliot Uko


Founder, Igbo Youth Movement and Secretary, Eastern Consultative Assembly, Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko has described as distasteful attempts by spin doctors to blame the Igbo for looting and destruction of property by hoodlums in Lagos on Wednesday.

Uko who reacted to the propaganda in a statement on Thursday, noted, however, that the spin doctors would fail.

He emphasised that what happened in Lagos and how it started is common knowledge, and thus those pushing conspiracy theories would not succeed.

“The very distasteful strategy by certain heartless spin doctors, to manipulate the minds of Nigerians with a lie from the pit of hell, that Igbo youths are responsible for the youth DAY OF RAGE Wednesday in Lagos is shameful and scary,” Uko said.

“This type of mind bending might have worked before the advent of this insensitive and directionless government, but not today.

“Nobody will ever believe their cheap but vicious false narrative. Their usual agelong blackmail of Ndigbo has expired.

“Even the blind understands clearly, that the rage against the gory massacre of unarmed defenceless young folks at Lekki toll gate Tuesday, unleashed bottled up anger against certain overlords, who have hitherto held Lagos hostage for over two decades now.

“Survivors of the Lekki massacre know who turned of the light at the toll gates, they know who ordered the removal of the CCTV cameras, they also know who was struggling to convince Aso villa, that he was not behind the youth protests abinitio.

“The spontaneous reaction of Nigerian youths to the Lekki massacre, represents their rejection of the continued endless oppression in the land. The hopelessness in the land, where life has become so cheap, spurred the anger in the land. The bad governance, nepotism and mediocrity are all part of it. The younger generation are clearly frustrated.

“They revolted in rejection of endless killings in the land, and the insensitivity of the leadership to their plight.

“Those plotting to turn it into an ethnic affair, have failed this time. Nobody is stupid enough to believe such idiotic narrative.

“That they are working on dividing the protesters along ethnic lines, is childish, scheming to grow anti Igbo emotions in Lagos is reprehensible.

“Alleging that Igbo youths carried out the rage in Lagos Wednesday, is wicked, ruthless, but clearly unbelievable. Every one knows it’s a cheap, but HORRIBLE lie.

“The spinners ought to know that nobody will believe that Igbo boys know Sanwolu’s family home, and and entrance to the palace of the Oba of Lagos.

“No normal human being will believe that Yoruba youths were folding their hands, watching Igbo youths burn down Yoruba property. The evil spin doctors behind the spin to heap the blame on Ndigbo, should cover their heads in shame.

“They should stop pretending that they do not know that Lagosians want to BREATHE from the ruthless dominance of a heartless landlord.

“That they believe that the only way to save their sinking master is to cleverly heap the blame on innocent and peace loving Igbo, actually confirm their ruthlessness in holding the future and destiny of Lagosians hostage forever. Well, the youths think 21 years of bondage is enough.

“This spin doctors who are suggesting that Igbo youths inspired the operation wetie of late 1965 and early 1966, burnt down Akin Omoboriowo’s house in 1983, burnt Alao Arishekola’s car inside the university campus in the 1990s, while Yoruba youths watched, should be ashamed of themselves.

“Their vicious lies anchored on Igbo hating and Igbo baiting, CANNOT fly.”




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