Alexx Ekubo’s ex, Acholonu clears air
Alexx Ekubo, Fancy Acholonu

Fancy Acholonu, actress and social media influencer, has addressed the speculations that she broke up with actor, Alexx Ekubo possibly because his sexual orientation.

Acholonu, who addressed the gay speculations that had trailed her ex fiance, Ekubo for years stated that a line in her earlier post on their break up had been misconstrued.

She had said, “Everyone should find their happiness and live in their truth.”

Clarifying in a post on her Instagram page on Friday, she said “In the five sentences I wrote, the highlighted part that was all over the media was ‘live in ‘your’ truth’. I never said Alexx should live in ‘his’ truth.

The sentence I wrote in full was ‘Everyone should find their happiness and live in ‘their’ truth.

“My words were misconstrued and now understandably seemed directed at him because of the gay rumors that have followed him for years. Sadly anything I would have said or not said would have led to those assumptions.”

Still refusing to divulge the details of their break-up, Acholonu maintained that they had settled behind closed doors, although they were no longer romantically linked.

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