Chairman, Senate Committee on Army, Senator Ali Ndume has said about 70 percent of Nigeria’s overall N10 trillion budget are being spent on the tiny minority while only 30 percent are spent on the vast majority of Nigerians.

The Borno South Senatorial District senator who said this while reacting to the views expressed by Vice president, Yemi Osinbajo and former Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi during a webinar organised by the Emmanuel Chapel, themed, ‘Economic stability beyond COVID-19’, on Friday, emphasised thatthe current cost of governance was too much.

He noted that federal lawmakers and other highly placed public officers were earning luxury wages to the detriment of Nigerian masses.

“We have a budget of N10 trillion and only 30 percent is going to the majority, whereas 70 percent will be spent on a few minority. The system we are practising now is not fair either morally or socially,” Ndume said.

“In the current system, workers are not being paid living wages, whereas a privileged few are earning luxury wages. The National Assembly members, including me, for instance, are paid luxury wages.

“How can we live comfortably when only a few of us are living a life of luxury while the majority are living in abject poverty? The N30,000 minimum wage is too small; it can make workers engage in corruption in order to survive.”

The Borno lawmaker advocated for parliamentary system of government, arguing that it’s cheaper to run, but pointed out that it would be resisted by fellow lawmakers because the current presidential system pays them more.

“Parliamentary system is effective in the sense that the head of government is more or less one among equals of the parliamentarians,” he noted.