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As Nigeria joins other nations to celebrate the 2021 International Fathers’ Day, telecommunications giant, Globacom, has acknowledged the unquantifiable sacrifices that men make in order to stabilize their homes and the society.

In a Goodwill message in commemoration of the day, the company said the roles of men in the families as well as the larger society, cannot be overemphasized.

To this end, the telecommunications solutions provider posited that the International Fathers’ Day should not be a day to be marked with mere rhetoric but a day to appreciate of their immense contributions to the growth, development and peace of the society.

“The family is generally believed to be the bedrock of a society and the most basic unit of any nation. Since fathers are joint custodians of the family whose strength fuses the home together and upon whom the care and well-being of the family rests, they deserve to be acknowledged, celebrated and honoured for their phenomenal roles in their families and in the world,” Globacom said.

The data grandmasters added further that, “Fathers’ roles in the homes, nay society, cannot be overemphasized. They work tirelessly to forge a solid future for their wives and children through education, discipline and provision of basic needs. The children grow up to become leaders who will in turn carry that culture of care, concern and sacrifice on to future generations. For these and other acts of selflessness that keep the society going, fathers deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.”

International Fathers’ Day 2021 falls on Sunday, 20th of June and is a day set aside globally in commemoration of the honour due to fathers as heads of the families.

The network assured its customers of unmatched value offerings and pricing in order to assist their drive towards personal, social and business successes.


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