Ebonyi: Umahi using public funds to induce voters, wants to install younger brother as governor - PDP
Dave Umahi

On Tuesday, 31st January, 2023, a source and a close ally to Ebonyi state Governor, David N. Umahi, disclosed that a high powered meeting was held between the Governor David Umahi and heads of security and law enforcement agencies in Ebonyi State.

The Governor’s ally being privy to the meeting revealed that Umahi, after allocating 25 Brand New Hilux vehicles to the agencies, queried that “how can heads of security agencies deploy more security operatives to the leadership and candidates of opposition parties ( PDP, APGA & LP etc) more than the ones attached to him as the Governor?”

He also inquired that “How can they allow the sons of nobody to be more secured than the Governor in the state?” Furthermore, he directed that “henceforth, heads of security agencies must start arresting the opposition party candidates and prosecute them by all means?”

Interestingly, Umahi has suddenly forgotten that securing the citizens, opposition candidates inclusive, is constitutional obligation/responsibility of security and law enforcement agencies in the country, regardless of who is incharge.

This brings to limelight the persistent schemings and mobilization of Ebubeagu for attacks, the government armed militia, against the opposition candidates in the State. Again, this brings to fore, the desperation by Umahi to, by all means use force against opposition candidates in the state.

Perharps, he is convinced by the indices and indicators that APC will lose the governorship election with wide margin come 11th March, 2023. If I may ask, why allocating vehicles to security agencies now? when the elections are by the corner, why not then when the Agencies were in dire needs of these vehicles? when their requests means alot to them.

In a another occasion, the governor, was said to have sent 15 Ebonyi citizens abroad to learn and master ICT hacking.

The unscruplous elements are said to be back. It was disclosed that these miscreants have only one mission, one goal and one task. It is to only hack into Ebonyi State Governorship Election INEC Database, to change the figures and maniulate the results in favour of the ruling party, the APC.

On this and many more excesses of the Governor, we call on Mr President to direct INEC, IGP, DGSS, Minister for Communications and Digital Economy to avert this plot and to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators and their master.

Similarly, still on the illegal activities the Governor, it’s a fact for those who care to know that, Umahi has converted the Old Government House to the Headquarters of Ebubeagu, and as well created detention facilities and armoury for different types of weapons. The Old Government House has become the planning ground for extra judicial killings and intimidation against unsuspecting citizens of the state.

Considering the continuous loss of life and properties caused by the activities of Ebubeagu, we are calling for the umpteenth time, for IGP and DGSS to arrest and prosecute, Stanley Emegha, the APC party chairman and the internal security consultant for the state government, to nip the state government atrocities in the bud and for public safety and order.

Mr Chukwuka Emeka is a public affairs analyst and writes from Enugu. He can be reached through [email protected]

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