Ibrahim Magu, former Acting Chairman, EFCC

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, once again warns unscrupulous persons and impostors dropping his name to extort unsuspecting members of the public, to desist, or be ready to face the full wrath of the law.

For the umpteenth time, the EFCC also reiterates its warning to members of the public, to restrain and refrain from dealing with such conmen, who present themselves to wield strong influence and connection with Mr. Magu, and so claim to be able to secure a soft landing for them in matters being investigated by the Commission.

This warning has become imperative considering the fact that the use of Mr. Magu’s name, and indeed, photographs, for extortion is on the increase, as fraudsters now extort huge sums of money from highly placed public officials, over sundry matters before the Commission, in the guise that they are highly connected to him, and so can help “kill” investigation of petitions against them.

  Mr. Magu has never instructed or appointed anybody – relation or staff of the Commission to act as a liaison between him and any person(s) who has a case(s)/petition(s) against them, been investigated by the Commission, with the aim of scuttling any investigation.

 As a forthright officer, who for decades has dedicated his life to the fight against corruption, Mr. Magu states with a high sense of responsibility and dignity, that “I have not asked anybody to collect money on my behalf, as it is not in my character to compromise my stand against corruption”.

 Indeed, Mr. Magu has also restated this at several fora, and therefore, once again, warns the general public to be circumspect, as such fraudulent individuals have no relationship whatsoever with him.


In the same vein, relatives and friends of persons under investigation by the Commission are also warned not to fall for the antics of the perpetrators of name dropping, whose conscience have been seared by the love for filthy lucre, as every petition with the EFCC is given adequate attention without fear or favour.

 Meanwhile, Mr. Magu promises that the Commission will remain resolute in the discharge of its duties, “guided solely by the fear of Almighty God, the overriding interest of our Fatherland, and the rule of law, and not by any pecuniary motive”.

 Members of the public are hereby advised to report such solicitations for a bribe to the nearest EFCC office. Reports can also be sent to these hotlines: 09-9044571, 09-9044572, 09-9044573 or by email to:[email protected]



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