Bandits attack police station in Ondo, kill officer, Temenu Boluwaji
Police station attacked: File photo


The South East South South Professionals of Nigeria (SESSPN), has demanded an end to the continued attacks on police personnel in the South East.

The SESSPN which made the demand after an emergency meeting of its BOT/EXCO, said it condemns “in the strongest possible terms, the current targeted killings of the policemen, setting their stations on fire, and carting away of their arms and ammunition, particularly in Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi and Imo States.”

The group in a statement by its president, Hannibal Uwaifo and publicity secretary, ​​​​​​Collins Steve Ugwu, said the “obviously coordinated and viciously executed killings of the personnel in the armed formations are grave extra-legal brigandage that must not be allowed to gain traction given its heavy collateral damage to law and order, much less be tolerated to spread and fester.”

According to the group, “We share the concerns of the affected states and call on the Governor of Anambra State to lead the rally against this murderous binge for arms, and forestall decisively, the attempt to intimidate the civil populace, cow the police and the law enforcement agencies to abandon their duties, and give anarchy a free reign.”

“We appeal to all layers of governments in the South East to be united in courage to inspire the people with confidence to overcome this variant of gangsters, as they coordinate & share intelligence to nip this worrisome embarrassment on the bud.

“We will stand shoulder to shoulder in support to all state actors, individuals and groups committed to eradicating these elements, operating outside and beyond the law, bent to create mayhem and institutionalise disorder.

“We advise that these wicked attempts to put the economic and social prospects of our states and nationalities into combustible pressures, by patrons and sponsors of these criminalities be quickly unmasked with despatch, and the culprits made to face the fullest deterrence of the law.

” We urge that, given the scary dimensions of our current national history with insurgents & bandits, their swift mutations & alliances, an inter regional approach should be considered, while states responses are supported and complimented by all with single resolve, cohesion and non political party considerations.

“SESSPN stands ready and determined to do all within its professional capacity, to activate and energize the processes of confidence building and security sensitization in all its space of influence, to draw attention to the imperatives for sustainable economic and educational transformation of our regions as the critical drivers for enduring peace and rapid development.”



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