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Rallies good but don’t win elections, Alex Otti cautions Labour Party leaders



Alex Otti sympathizes with Abia teachers over nonpayment of their salaries by govt

Dr. Alex Otti, governorship candidate of Labour Party (LP), has advised the leadership of his party to work out a plan on how to win the forthcoming 2023 elections in Nigeria, other than just relying on rallies to win over the voting public.

Otti, while not discountenacing the place of rallies in helping to create awareness and mobilise the electorates, called on the LP leadership to organise the party properly so that it could win elections in the various offices it had nominated candidates.

He spoke in Enugu on Sunday at the Labour Party South East Stakeholders Summit which held at the Kobb Civic Centre, Enugu, with the theme, ‘Roadmap 2023: Elections Path to Victory’.

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He said: “As Labour Party, we need to now get more organised because we must win the Presidential, Governorship, House of Assembly, House of Reps and Senatorial elections that we filled people. So, since we must win, we must organise ourselves.

“When people are talking about structure, what they are basically talking about is organisation. You may have votes everywhere, but if you have not organised yourselves in such a manner that you can harness the votes, the results may surprise you.

“I charge the leadership of the party to sit down and begin to plan the election. Rallies are very good, they mobilise people, they create awareness but I must add that rallies do not win elections. So, what wins elections will be the vote.

“We must speak to the voters, a lot of them are still not well educated. We must have people in every polling unit to secure not just the votes but the voters also. I can tell you that our opponents are strategising and part of their strategies is that, ‘if we cannot win this election, then we‘ll need to destabilise it’.

“So, on that election day, some people will come purposely to destabilise voting in different polling units. So, we must be prepared for that.”

Otti appealed to the national leadership of the party to help resolve the squabble over who will fly the party’s flag as gubernatorial candidate in Enugu State, saying the problem needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.

“We shouldn’t end this year without this problem being resolved because it is a distraction for a candidate who should be campaigning to be toiling in the law courts and also campaigning at the same time. So, please we shouldn’t be a disorganised party. The leadership of the party should take a position,” he appealed.

The front-running LP governorship candidate in Abia thanked the National Vice Chairman of the party in the south east and all the other executives at the national level for their intervention in resolving the Enugu governorship hiccup.

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