Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu has berated former Central Bank deputy governor, and presidential candidate of the Youth Progressive Party (YPP) in the 2019 election, Prof Kingsley Moghalu for suggesting, in a twitter post, that the non invitation of President Muhammadu Buhari to the G7 Summit in France was a snub.

Shehu who did not take kindly to the suggestion, accused Moghalu in a statement on Thursday, of being either “ignorant ignorant or playing petty politics.”

The presidential spokesman insisted that, “The non-invitation of President Buhari to witness the G7 meeting this year is not a snub. Neither does it diminish the status of Nigeria as the biggest economy on the continent. It seems no one clarified to the one-time Presidential Candidate how the G7 secretariat works.”

According to him, “If they invite a country with an economy the size of Niger State, not Kano’s, not even Lagos’s does it call for Dr. Moghalu’s lamentation? Today, as we see it, they call this country, tomorrow they decide to have another. It’s entirely up to them.

“Buhari didn’t go to Europe. Europe came to him in Japan, where the EU had him sign an MOU for 50 Million Euro in support to the country’s devastated North East.

“The joke is not on President Buhari. The joke is on Moghalu for attempting to make ignorance fashionable.”

Meanwhile Moghalu’s twitter account has been suspended. Business Hallmark cannot, however, ascertain whether the suspension has to do with the said tweet.


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