PEPT: Nigerians slam Mary Odili over comments on Obi, Atiku's petitions against Tinubu
Justice Mary Odili

Nigerians have taken to social media to slam Retired Justice Mary Odili for suggesting that those who filed petitions against the declaration of President Bola Tinubu as winner of the 2023 presidential election are trying to cause chaos in the country.

Justice Odili had while speaking on Friday at a colloquium held in honour of Joe Kyari Gadzama in Abuja, noted that Wole Olanipekun, the lawyer defending President Tinubu at the elections petitions tribunal, is a master of electoral disputes whose expertise in tribunal litigation inspires confidence for victory, affirming that “a resetting of the mind” is soon to come for losers who would eventually accept their loss.

Mrs Odili said the 2023 general elections generated a storm, particularly from losers, who feel cheated by the elections’ outcome and have since resorted to making incendiary remarks that could plunge the nation into anarchy.

“There seems to be moves to throw the nation into chaos or conflagration. This may be brought about by some individuals and groups who fanning the embers of hatred, bigotry and tribalism fail to see the possible outcome of the utterances without caution that are being thrown around,” Mrs Odili said at the colloquium which had many members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in attendance.

She cautioned that the losers of the 2023 elections shouldn’t use their grievances and frustration as justification to “bring down the roof of our nation,” as they may not be spared by the law.

“It is human to feel cheated or having the short end of the stick but one who is not declared the winner at any of the electoral contests, such emotion however grim does not justify bringing the roof down, the roof of our nation, the reason is simple that in such an eventuality, that aggrieved person may not be spared as the commotion would be like an unguided missile which could land anywhere and upon anyone,” the former jurist said.

According to Mrs Odili, Mr Olanipekun and Attorney General of the Federation, Lateef Fagbemi, were grounded in electoral disputes, implying that their collaboration was bound to birth victory at the tribunal

However, Mrs Odili’s statements have ignited furore across the nation with many taking to social media to allege that the judiciary may no longer be independent and may have been cowered to pander to the demands of the ruling party.

Sharing a video of Justice Odili speaking at the event, an X user, Anambra 1st son @UchePOkoye, wrote, “Watch Justice Odili shamelessly endorsing electoral fraud and manipulation, openly applauding Olanipekun. Her arrogant and forceful delivery is truly something to behold. Let’s see if she can hold her ground when the consequences come crashing down.”

Another user Serah Ibrahim, @TheSerahIbrahim, said, “Mrs Corruptible Judge Mary Odili. Continue selling the judiciary. We will remain peaceful and calm but know this: NOBODY HAS MONOPOLY TO VIOLENCE. When the time comes, you will know that you are not and can never be more than we are. The judiciary must give us peace, that is what we want and justice is the only way we can get that peace.”

In his own remark, Dele Farotimi, @DeleFarotimi, a supporter of Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate, said, “Mary Odili JSC Rtd, speaks as a myopic politician. Wait for the Tsamani JCA led PEPT to speak, and we shall then determine the extent and gravity of the Bulkachuwalization that afflicts the Nigerian judiciary and its fitness for the purpose of dispensation of equity and justice.”

Another user, Engr. Shaibu, @MO_Shaibu_, said, “Mary Odili and Wike should stop deceiving themselves that they could do anyhow with PEPT case & nothing would happen; because they won’t even last a minute if the chaos they are working so tirelessly to start begins. I hope they get to find this out before it’s too late for them.

In her own response, I_am ify, @ifeanyiakorjuru, said, “I don’t know why anybody should be surprised about what comes out of Rt. Justice Mary Odili’s mouth. She is the direct hand bag of Wike. The middle woman or negotiator, if you like . She is very corrupt and has no dignity . She gets stolen money both from the state and federal. She really has no choice but to stick with them because they have her file in black and white

Similarly, Omotayo Williams, @KadunaResident, said, “This is Justice Odili, one of the most controversial and allegedly corrupt judge we have ever had in the country. Her two daughters through nepotism were also appointed as judges. Another of her child is a commissioner, who is rumored to be the next inline for Governor.

“Your parents served father and mother and they want you to serve their children. They must defend the old order and corrupt judiciary to make this happen.”

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