Terrorists ambush PDP delegates in Niger, kill three

Olusesan Laoye

There was pandemonium at the venue of the South West Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Congress in Osogbo as fight broke out among the police officers drafted to maintain security

Crisis started when a junior officer who escorted one of the senators to the venue was prevented from entry by an assistant commissioner of police.

The junior officer who objected to being denied entry, assaulted the senior officer and pandemonium broke out.

Angered by the action of the the junior officer, other senior officers swooped on him, which also got other junior officers angry as they braced for a fight.

Delegates at the Congress

There was palpable fear and delegates who feared that the situation could lead to a shoot out or accidental discharge, fled to safety.

However, the junior officer was eventually overpowered and disarmed and subsequently taken away.

The venue of the congress was also filled with political thugs imported from Oyo state.

The thugs who wore black T-shirts labelled ‘Security’ came in more than 20 luxury buses.

Another round of scuffle broke out when the police escort of the Deputy Governor of Oyo State took on his colleagues when he too was prevented from entring the venue with the Deputy Governor.

Just as this was going on, a fake police officer in full police uniform was apprehended and whisked away.

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