By Sunday Oguntuyi, Osogbo

Osun state government on friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with National Union of Road Transport Workers in the State, on new set of guidelines for the management of motor park operations.

This followed the temporary relocation of transport operators to a designated motor park at Olaiya area of Oshogbo, Osun State.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Works and Transportation, Engr. Hussein Olatoke Olaniyan, while speaking on the MoU, explained the reason for the agreement, said the State Government would expect more disciplined operation, compliance to the rules and regulations guiding the park, more revenue generation, and greater security for commuters.

Engr. Olaniyan described the new agreement as another step towards ensuring the sanctity of  roads, especially the very important corridor in the State where a number of government offices are sited, and also towards ensuring the security of commuters.

Olaniyan stressed further that with improved coordination of the activities of transport operators and the designated motor park, the State is assured of assuming a better stead to track entries and exits especially in the event of security monitoring.

The 12-point agreement read in part: “the occupation of the vacant land at Olaiya, Oshogbo by National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Oroki Branch, Oshogbo, is temporary”.

The State Government, as a matter of caution, posited that transport operators should abide by the rules and regulations of the State Government, adding in the agreement that “the usage (of the park) shall not create public nuisance to the Government of the State of Osun or MDAs of Government, and the Public”.

It was also agreed that the Park should not be used for hooliganism and as hideout for thugs and robbers.

In this regard, Engr. Olaniyan placed a demand on the Representatives of the Union to caution the motor park and transport operators against alcoholism and use of drugs under any guise (especially herbal remedies), stating that for the sake of safety, the State Government frowns at alcoholism in the sector.

The Union and transport operators alike, are also expected, as per the agreement, to adequately protect the properties of the government on the land where the park is situated, against any form of theft or damage.

This also include ensuring that the motor park is kept clean and neat at all times, including weekends and during public holidays.

Further, the government and the union agreed to the condition that the State Government shall generate revenue from the park, which term will be reviewed from time to time depending on the prevailing conditions of the State.

While clarifying the questions around the possibility of double remittance, to the State Government and to the Local Council, Engr. Olaniyan said that remittance from the Olaiya Park shall be made directly to the State for the maintenance of the Park, considering that the park was created by the State Government and is directly under its supervision.

The agreement made it illegal to set up bus stops apart from from the Olaiya intersection to Owode axis, demanding an outright removal of subsisting bus stops on the corridor.

With respect to the situation of the Park along a rail line, the agreement conditioned operators to maintain a setback of at least 15 feet from the rail line. Engr. Olaniyan, commenting on this item of the agreement, said that apart from the vibration caused by the passage of trains, it is expedient to maintain a right of passage under such circumstance for the safety of people.

The agreement was signed by Engr Olaniyan, the Special Adviser to the Governor of Osun on Works and Transport, on behalf of the State Government; while the Executive Secretary of the State NURTW, Morounkeji Jelili, signed on behalf of the State Chairman of NURTW. Also, the Chairman of Oroki Branch of the Union, Comrade Kazeem Oyewale; and the Chairman of Oshogbo Branch of the Union, Comrade Abisoye Mufutau, also consented to the agreement on behalf of operators in their domain.

Engr. Olaniyan advised the leadership of the Union to intimate operators with the new development, while also advising them from time to time to conduct themselves in ways that are in the best interest of the State.

He further averred that agreeing to the conditions meant that the rules and regulations are binding on every operator, and agencies authorised by the State Government can appropriate the agreement to sanction erring operators.

Speaking on behalf of the State Chairman of the NURTW, the Assistant Secretary of the State Chapter of the Union, Alhaji Fakorede Rafiu, appreciated the State Government under the leadership of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola for the various interventions in the affairs of Transport Workers in the State, undertaking that the Union shall do its best to cooperate fully with the State Government on the policies that are in place to ensure the well-being of citizens.