Counterfeit naira notes are in circulation, CBN cautions
CBN building

Data from Medium-Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper 2023-2025, has shown that the federal government paid an interest of N405.93bn from January 2022 to April 2022 on the loans it got from the Central Bank of Nigeria through the Ways and Means Advances.

Ways and Means Advances is a loan facility used by the central bank to finance the government in periods of temporary budget shortfalls subject to limits imposed by law.

Previously, the federal government spent N912.57bn in 2020 and N1.12tn from January to November last year on interest on Ways and Means Advances, despite the lack of budgetary allocation for it in the budgets.

The CBN said on its website that the Federal Government’s borrowing from it through the Ways and Means Advances could have adverse effects on the bank’s monetary policy – to the detriment of domestic prices and exchange rates.

“The direct consequence of central banks’ financing of deficits are distortions or surges in monetary base leading to adverse effect on domestic prices and exchange rates i.e macroeconomic instability because of excess liquidity that has been injected into the economy,” it said.

However, there was no budgetary allocation for it in the 2022 budget.


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