Yusuf  Mohammed |

Activist turned politician, Shehu Sani a member of the All Progressives Congress, who will represent Kaduna central in the National Assembly, is of the view that the party leadership need to appease aggrieved members.
The mock election conducted by the APC on Saturday for the leadership of the National Assembly in both the upper and lower chambers has left a sour taste in the mouths of many APC members.
However, Shehu Sani is advising the APC to make sure everyone is carried along to ensure harmony before they resume session.
According to him, “Senator Ahmad Lawan and George Akume have emerged through a transparent process. The boycott by Saraki and the acrimony in the build up to the process, demands the party need to do a lot to heal the wounds and get all other senators along.”
He further expressed that, “Ahmad Lawal and George are credible and capable to lead the upper chamber, but Saraki’s leadership profile and contribution to the success of the party at all levels, cannot be ignored and must be appreciated.
He also urged all Senators irrespective of party affiliation should to put their differences aside and support President Muhammadu Buhari to fulfill his campaign promises.
He said, “For now all APC legislators must work together and court support from the opposition; and must not engage in anti party activities; the party’s decision must be binding on all. We must work towards the success of the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari.
“President Buhari’s dreams for Nigeria can only come to reality with a parliament that truly shares and reflects his vision, while balancing the need to continuously affirm and assert its statuary independence”. He said.


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