Leading global manufacturer of biscuit and confectionery has launched a grand promotional campaign in celebration of the 125th anniversary of its famously loved brand, McVitie’s Digestive biscuit.
Pladis, which is also home to other iconic brands – Godiva, Haansbro and Ulker announced the promotion at a media launch event held recently at the Renaissance Hotel in Lagos.
According to the company, the anniversary which commenced on July 4, 2017, will last for three months (ending on September 30) and see consumers winning a plethora of prizes.
Prizes to be won include N1 million each for 3 consumers, N500,000 each for 6 consumers, N200,000 each for 15 consumers as well as an instant airtime for 45,000 consumers.
To participate in the promotion and stand a chance to win cash or gift, customers are required to buy any of the McVitie’s Digestive 125th anniversary promotional pack available on 40grams, 104grams, and 302grams sizes, scratch the foil to reveal the unique promo code and text the code on the pack to the sms short code “55332” to enter the draw for a chance to win.
The company further clarified that each mobile number that enters into the promo would have an equal chance to win any of the prizes of airtime or cash at any time during the promotion duration, irrespective of when it entered into the promo. Airtime prizes of N100, N200 and N500 denominations would be won by a total of 750 winners everyday from Monday to Friday for 12 weeks.
Explaining why the company chose to run the promotional campaign as part of the anniversary, the Managing Director (Nigeria) Mr. Kwame Wiafe, noted that it was the company’s way of rewarding its numerous customers in Nigeria and the world over for their support and love for McVitie’s for over 12 decades.
“The McVitie’s Digestive brand has enjoyed a lot of consumer love and support for over 12 decades across the globe, including Nigeria. We therefore decided to commemorate the great milestone by rewarding the very people who have made the McVitie’s Digestive brand story a successful one. That is our loyal consumers.”
On what has sustained the brand for so long despite harsh economic environment it faces in different parts of the world, Mr. Wiafe said that the brand has always fed on a combination of innovation, good corporate governance and excellent team work among the “dedicated” workforce of pladis.
On alleged slight difference in quality between McVitie’s Digestive biscuit consumed in Nigeria and those consumed in the western world like Turkey and the United States, the country Managing Director explained that the slight difference exists due to difference in raw materials used in various sides, assuring however that efforts are on top gear to ensure harmonization. “But we’re working on that, we’re not there yet,” he promised.
The Marketing Director (Nigeria) Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, explained the selection process.
“To make the promotion transparent and fair, all prizes won will be mutually exclusive to consumers. This means that once a particular phone number has been drawn for any of the prizes, it will be excluded from subsequent draws.
This has been done to give all McVitie’s lovers equal chance to win prizes at any time within the duration of the promo irrespective of when they entered into the promo and to avoid unchecked multiple winnings.”
She further noted that the anniversary promotion is the first roll out of exciting new developments from the brand.
“We are constantly thinking of ways to uphold the brand’s promise of providing happiness and deliciousness to consumers all over the world with every biscuit bite, and we will have some exciting new developments this year.”
In 1830 apprentice baker Robert McVitie and his father William opened a provision shop in Rose Street, Edinburgh. Robert’s baking was so popular that the business quickly grew and as his sons and new business partners joined the company, more shops were established and the first factory was opened in 1888.
Since then McVitie’s has continued to thrive, and makes the UK’s best-selling biscuits. The iconic Digestive biscuit was created in 1892 and is still made today using the same secret recipe.
Making biscuits and cakes to fit every taste, in 1893 McVitie’s was given the royal seal of approval when asked to bake the future Queen Mary and King George V’s wedding cake.
The company also made the wedding cake for Princess Elizabeth and Sir Philip Mountbatten in 1947, while Prince William chose a groom’s cake for his wedding reception, made from 1,700 McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits and 17kg of chocolate.
pladis is a global biscuit and confectionery company with operations in 120 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. With  annual revenues of US$5.2 billion, pladis has 36 factories in 13 countries and employs 26,000.
The company is owned by Yildiz Holding, the largest food company in CEEMEA, and combines three centuries of baking and confectionery expertise by bringing together its iconic Godiva, McVitie’s and Ulker brands.
With a commitment to “promise happiness to the world with every bite”, the company delights consumers with products in sweet and savory biscuits, wafer, cake, chocolate, gum and candy categories.