Princess Adegoke on her hospital bed

By Sunday Oguntuyi, Osogbo

A Senior Development Inspector at Boluwaduro Local Government area of Osun State, Princess Adegoke Adefunke, has been admitted in a hospital, following injuries allegedly inflicted on her by a parliamentarian in the local government, Hon Esther Bolawaji Alani Oyewale.

Oyewale, who is a councillor representing Ward 3 , Otanayegbaju in Boluwaduro Local Government area was accused of constantly harassing and assaulting Princess Adefunke and other members of staff in the local government.

Princess Adefunke , who is recuperating at a Medical facility in Osogbo, Osun State Capital, said she was beaten mercilessly by the Council lawmaker.

Speaking on the her hospital bed, Princess Adefunke said since Hon Oyewale became councillor after she was elected by the people of her ward, the woman politician has enthroned herself as emperor and has become a problem to staff of the local government area.

She appealed to Governor Gboyega Oyetola to rescue her and other members of staff in the council area from further beating from this ‘highly temperamental Politician’.

“I want Governor Gboyega Oyetola, the gentle and peace loving Governor to come to my rescue. I have received enough beating from this highly temperamental Politician. The Governor should save us from the overnight emperor before it is too late.

Since she became councillor , she has been harassing and assaulting not only me but also other members of staff in the local government Secretariat. She always complain that I’m arrogant and she would make sure she take me off the seceretriat.

“I was posted to be working directly with the wife of the Chairman, Mrs Tokede but she (Hon Oyewale) came to me and mandated me to be fielding her with whatever that happen in the office. I said, no that’s not possible because I was directed to be working directly with the wife of the Chairman not under her.

“She was furious and started cursing me. There was a time she threatened to kill me so when I later discovered her antics, I decided to report him to the Chairman, Hon Akeem Tokede , who summoned her to the meeting and when I noticed she really meant what she has vowed to do for me, I proceeded to the palace to report her to Owa of Otan-Ayegbaju.

“To my own amazement, when Baba Owa called the two of us with the sole intention of settling the imbroglio, she fled up and told Owa categorically that he has no any power to intervene.

“Yesterday, when she came to the office . She asked what happened? You still came to the office to collect money? She started cursing me and when I wanted to resist her curses by telling her to stop cursing me , she descended on me and beat me to the point of coma.

“I was operated late last year, she punched me in the area where I was operated and I became unconscious , I didn’t know anything again not until now I opened my eye and found myself in the hospital”, she narrated.

“I had earlier be taken to St Nicholas Hospital, Otanayegbaju and they discovered that my condition was beyond their capacity, I was told I was transferred to this hospital here in Osogbo, where I’m currently receiving treatment.

“I want to appeal to the state Governor to come to my rescue because she has vowed to kill me whenever she sets her eyes on me.

However, in her reaction, Hon Oyewale outrightly denied the allegation, saying she was the victim whom she said her accuser (Princess Adefunke) slapped repeatedly.

Hon Oyewale while speaking with our Correspondent on phone said, she wonder why princess Adefunke could go to the extent of fabricating lies against her, knowing vividly she was the one who descended on her and started beating her.

Hon. Oyewale retorted “I didn’t beat her, she was the one who descended on me and started beating me. She is my sister In-law. I suppose to have taken step over this matter but I decided not to take it up with her because she is a younger sister to my husband.

“As I’m talking to you sir, I’m in the hospital where I’m currently receiving treatment. Initially I thought it’s something I can manage but when I couldn’t bear the pains my husband asked me to go to the hospital for medical treatment. He is the one catering for my hospital bill.

“There has never been a time she reported me to the Chairman, it was a lie. Neither Hon Tokede nor Our Kabiesi called me on her issue.

“I hate cheating and nobody has even accused me of cheating. I did not beat her. In fact, no fever than 20 people witnesed the issue and they can testify to it.”

“I swear to God Almighty since the day of incident, I never get myself. I have been feeling pains due to the slaps she dealt with me, Hon Oyewale said.