Nigeria’s leading e-Commerce giant, Konga, has taken the nation’s health industry by storm with the introduction of Konga Health, a highly digital health care distribution channel meant to revolutionize the health care value chain in the country.

With the arrangement, Konga Health will supply quality medicines and diagnostic equipment to hospitals and other clients through its strong online and offline outlets.

It will also provides a range of services, including the provision of genuine medication, medical devices, ultra-modern equipment, pharmaceuticals, among other health-related essential services.

The initiative, Business Hallmark reliably gathered, was initially due for launch in September 2019, but was pushed back because of delays encountered getting approvals from regulatory bodies.

But the management of Konga eventually secured all statutory approvals for the formal launch of the company and recently signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Association of Nigerian Private Medical Practitioners (ANPMP) at its headquarters at Yudala Heights on Idowu Martins, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Leading the Konga team to the signing of the partnership agreement was the Co-CEO, Konga Group, Mr. Nick Imudia. Others were Vice President, Konga Health, Mr. Festus Akinola; National Portfolio Manager, Mr. Cornelius Umanze and Group Company Secretary, Barrister Chris Eze Ozims, and others.

On the other hand, the ANPMP team was led by executive council members of the association, including its President, Dr. Ugwu Iyke Odo; Vice-President, Dr. Kay Adesola and General Secretary, Dr. Ned Okoro.

Speaking at the event, the elated Konga Group Co-CEO, Nick Imudia, said: ‘‘We are delighted and see it as a privilege to have finally signed this very strategic partnership between Konga Health and ANPMP which will positively change the face of healthcare delivery in Nigeria.
‘‘This is another important milestone recorded by the Konga Group. It is also in line with our other disruptive efforts, including launching the world’s first composite e-commerce company, our CBN-certified mobile wallet, advanced digital logistics company, frontline travel booking agency and much more”.
Also speaking, VP, Konga Health, Festus Akinola, said the collaboration will further deepen the role of the firm in strengthening Nigeria’s healthcare system and delivery.

“The collaboration between Konga Health and ANPMP is a welcome development. Nigerians should expect the best from this partnership. The partnership will help Konga Health to actualize its mission of making healthcare accessible to all, the unreached and the under-reached in society.

“It will also transform the system and reduce the incidence of fake drugs and medical devices supplies through the introduction of its strategically positioned distribution infrastructure,” Akinola assured.

In his own presentation, the National Portfolio Manager, Konga Health, Umanze, while highliting the prevalent danger of fake drugs, promised that the partnership between his company and private medical practitioners will change the narrative of how health care is taken in the country.

“Statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) has shown that the incidence of fake and adulterated drugs is frightening, especially in developing countries, with an urgent need for businesses to step in to tackle the ugly trend. For us at Konga Health, this is not just a business, but also a social responsibility to save an adulterated drugs-challenged society like Nigeria from the dangers associated with this trend.

“Through this collaboration, we are bridging that gap so that our clients do not only have their necessary medicines at the right time but also that they have such supplies in genuine and unadulterated form,” Umanze disclosed.

On their part, the ANPMP delegation described the association’s partnership with Konga Health as a much-needed development that will transform the fortunes of the country’s healthcare delivery system.

“This MoU will change the dynamics of the healthcare delivery system. At a time in the world when everything is changing and medical practice has shifted in the direction of technology, this understanding between the Konga Group, an ICT and logistics conglomerate and the Nigerian private doctors who cater for the healthcare needs of over 70% of Nigerians, could not have come at a more desirable season.

“This partnership is a bold step at the concept and vision of integrated private sector synergy aimed at revamping our health sector and bringing global best practices home.

“The MoU has given hope to the dire need to build a reliable database in the healthcare space, integrate local and international content in raising advocacy for the actualization of Universal Health Coverage, development of a functional network of electronic health record systems, elevating public-private partnership to its prime place in the healthcare delivery structure, inspiring infrastructural development, training, intellectual tourism, research and institutional quality monitoring and evaluation as well as drive programme and projects that connect and benefit private doctors across the land in an engagement effort that aggregates into a new national orientation in healthcare development in Nigeria,” said the ANPMP president.

ANPMP Vice President, Dr. Adesola, while lauding Konga Health’s reach, capacity and future outlook, said the partnership will benefit Nigerians and improve standards in the healthcare sector.

With the landmark partnership, Konga Health is expected to boost standards across the Nigerian health sector. According to company sources, it intends to achieve this by improving access to quality healthcare for the reached, under-reached and unreached members of the populace through the importation and timely delivery of certified pharmaceutical products and medical supplies across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria through a wide chain of distribution centres.

The arrangement, it was stated, will also guarantee the gradual and total eradication of fake drugs, while also providing a credible and robust platform for local and international donor agencies, government, non-governmental institutions as well as philanthropic and public-spirited individuals wishing to support access to quality medicare with clear data, even to the remotest and inaccessible parts of the country.

BH learnt that prior to the rollout of the programme, the management of Konga tested its robust technology, nationwide logistics and payment platforms in partnership with local and international players in the sector in order to achieve a seamless experience.

Apart from its main benefits, the initiative is also expected to provide huge employment opportunities for Nigerians, expecially medical practitioners, as well as powering an unprecedented level of digital health democracy in Nigeria.
Our correspondent gathered that the company will soon launch a globally rated blood bank across the six geo-political regions in Nigeria, using cloud-based digital sensors to monitor secure cold rooms in its facilities.

Speaking on the development, a medical practitioner, Dr. James Olabanji, praised the initiative, nothing that it will bode well for the country’s health care system.
“The collaboration with the ANPMP will redefine medical operations in Nigeria and bequeath hitch-free, data-driven quality healthcare services to millions of Nigerians.

‘‘It is an ambitious project which serious local and international donor agencies, government at all levels, the public sector and corporate organizations will leverage to deliver quality health programs through reliable data at the least cost to the remotest villages”, Dr. Olabanji stated.


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