Kano Hisbah Police

Kano religious police, Hisbah Board has prohibited the conduct of a planned holiday clearance sales tagged “Black Friday” by a radio station in the state, noting that the use of “Black” to describe Friday was inappropriate given that it’s worship day for Muslims.

The board in a November 26 letter to the management of Cool FM 96.9 Kano, impressed upon the station’s handlers that the demography of the state’s residents is predominantly Muslim, hence considers “Friday as Holy Day.”

The bad thus demanded an immediate retraction of the “Black Friday” tag.

It added that the religious squad “will be around for surveillance purposes with a view to avoiding occurrence of any immoral activities” in the state.

Black Friday is a special shopping period when retailers offer promoted sales to customers. But the sale may be hampered in Kano, where members of the religious police have banned sale of alcoholic drinks, restricted social interaction between men and women, amongst other measures