Abubakar Malami, Minister for Justice and Attorney General of the Federation

Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, has refuted claims from some quarters that he authored a derogatory post on Igbo and Hausa people.

The AGF in a statement issued by Umar Gwandu, his Special Assistant on Media and Public Relations, said he did not write or contemplate such a post.

“The Attorney -General of the Federation and Minister of Justice did not write and has never contemplated writing or posting such derogatory remarks or cast aspersions on any tribe or section of the multi-cultural and diverse communities in the country.

“Malami is known to be a patriotic Nigerian and non-tribal partisan who believes in equality, fairness and justice to all regardless of any inclination to tribe location or gender,” he said.

Gwandu argued that the grammatical flaws, apparent illogicalities and divisionary tendencies as well as lack of respect to diversity in humanity makes it palpably incongruous to believe that the post was from Malami.

“The office of the Attorney -General of the Federation and Minister of Justice calls on the general public to disregard the post.

”It is created and circulated by mischief makers and purveyors of hatred who are bent on destroying the hard-earned reputation of the minister,” Gwandu said.

He added that it was instructive to note that fact-check conducted by some media organisations proved that attributing the derogatory post to Malami was not only defamatory but also fictitious


  1. As everybody knows there are many good and smart people in Nigeria. So how come that only bad people end up running Nigeria.


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