Inuwa Yahaya, Gombe governor

Gombe State governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, has blamed its recent political rift with Senator Danjuma Goje, a former governor of the state on alleged insistence by the latter to control him.

Answering questions from correspondents at the presidential villa, Abuja, on Tuesday, Yahaya said the former governor who had told his ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) that he trusted the governor to do good had now turned around to demand that things be done in the old ways.

The governor said he will not tolerate such an attitude from Goje.

“Well, the party has its principles and that’s what obtains in every party and that of Gombe cannot be different,” he said.

“As a party, during our convention, we agreed to use consensus and Goje himself told the party members that he trusts me; that I will do the right thing peacefully and I have been doing my best for our party.

“But for him to later call me aside and say we should only do what he says, that is what I will not do and will not tolerate.”

The governor blamed the recent political clashes in the state on Goje who he accused of importing thugs, but assured that the security situation in Gombe state has now normalised.

“The security situation in my State is calm now and people are going about their normal activities,” he said.

“The issue we had before now was caused by a former Governor of the State, Danjuma Goje, a serving Senator, who you all know.

“He tried causing mayhem, and the people resisted that but as a result of the skirmish that ensued, lives were lost and some people’s properties were destroyed. That is what we as a government are kicking against.

“Everybody knows he was the one that brought the killer thugs known as Kalare in Gombe but as the Governor of the State, I will not tolerate Kalare and whoever is involved in Kalare activities, no matter how highly placed, we will stop him and we will end Kalare by the Grace of God.”

On Goje’s accusation that some officials of Gombe state government are threatening his life, which he had now reported to security agencies, the governor said: “They authorities concerned will find out the truth since he has reported so that the matter would be investigated. Let’s wait for the outcome of the investigation but whoever knows the history of Gombe knows who Goje is and they know who Inuwa is. People know the difference between us.”

On why they could not settle their differences, the governor affirmed that settlement can only be reached when the other party is willing to listen.

He further stated: “If someone is in his right senses and can carefully listen to the people, he will do the right thing. What he wants to do now is to continue with his old way of doing things while I and my government will not tolerate that at all and that is what led to the current problem.

“He is an elder; he should be the one cautioning anyone trying to ferment trouble not instigating it because of his selfish reasons.”

On whether he would blame the political crisis in Gombe on Goje, he retorted: “Of course, everybody knows that,” adding: “I will try my best because he is insisting on having his way and I am doing same, but there is God who knows everything and the society itself can judge but God is with the one who says the truth and does the right thing.”

On the speculation that the crisis is related to the 2023 election, the ho governor remarked: “Well, what you need to know is that only God knows tomorrow. Both I and Goje don’t know if we will see the year 2023.

“My major aim is to stand firm and fulfil the pledges I made to the people in line with my oath of office as well as bring about development in our State, with peace and tranquillity prevailing because, without peace, there wouldn’t be development.”


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