Indigenous Telecom company, Globacom, gained over 1 million internet subscribers in the third quarter of 2021, growing its customer base to 38.9 million as of September 2021 from 37.9 million at the beginning of the quarter, according to monthly data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

MTN, on the other hand, lost about 1.2 million subscribers in the review quarter, as its data customer base dropped to 58.4 million from 59.6 million as of the end of June 2021. This represents a 2% decline in internet subscribers.

Overall, the total number of data subscribers increased by 107,766 customers in Q3 2021.

While MTN lost the highest customers, followed by 9mobile, Airtel gained 470,906 customers in the period under review while Globacom gained 1.03 million customers.

9mobile data subscribers dropped by 206,768 in Q3 2021.

Further analysis of the number of subscribers that switched network providers in the period under review shows that 3,277 users ported out of 9mobile.

In the same vein, 918 users ported out of Airtel, while 881 and 863 subscribers ported out of Globacom and MTN respectively.

MTN received 3,368 subscribers followed by Airtel, which received 2,541 subscribers in the third quarter of the year, to maintain its status as the Telecom company with highest customer base in the country, accounting for 41.7% of the total internet customers as of the end of September 2021.