Isiaka Adeleke
Late Adeleke

A political group, Vote Adeleke 2022, has paid tribute to former of Osun State, Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, who passed away on April 23, 2017, describing him as a hero and mentor who lived a live worthy of emulation.

The group in the tribute by its coordinator, Samakin Oriwo, said the late Adeleke who was the first executive governor of Osun State, as well as senator representing Osun West Senatorial District, contributed immersely to the affairs and development of the state when he served as governor, as well as sponsored many bills during his time in the Senate.

“Think not of those who are doers of good, cheerful and always spend in the cause of Allah and humanity as dead, nay, they are alive, but you perceive not,” the group said.

“With the above verses of Quran, we are confident that our Mentor, Leader and the friend of masses will continue to rejoice in the bounties provided by Allah.

“It is understatement to say that, Our Leader Sen.Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke lived a fulfilled life and contributed immersely to the affairs and development of Osun State when he emerged the first Executive Governor of Osun state.

“He used his natural endowment and divine knowledge to impact life and sponsored many bills at Red Chamber when he was the Senator representing Osun West Senatorial District, and he ensured the dividends of democracy reached his constituents.

“Asiwaju of Edeland was very humble and left no stone unturned in the development of his hometown, manifested a great love and rendered selfless service to humanity to the people of Edeland,Osun State,Nigeria and beyond. He was a grassroot politician,very agile, goal getter,oratorical wizardry and uncommon sage who knows when to accelerate and apply break in the field of politics.

“Serubawon, as he was fondly called, was a fearless politician and leader who did not take his followers as slave but rather guild and empower them to become a leader. He enjoyed assisting the poor and circumambulated their affairs until their problems and conditions changed to the best and attain independence. The real Asiwaju of Edeland really believe in tranquility and very religious to the extent that, he could not do without the inclusiveness of the SUPREME BEING in his life endeavours.

“God gave our Leader Otunba Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke every qualities of good leader and ensured that, he injected it in his biological children and political sons and daughters.

“Arole Adeleke in person of Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke will continue from where you stopped sir and actualise your aim and good motive you have for the people of Osun State to paddle the canoe of our dear state. By His grace,Senator Ademola Adeleke will be sworn in as Governor of Osun State coming November 27th,2022.

“Till we meet again and part no more, May you continue to find repose in Allah,May He recompense you with goodness and make Aljanat Firdawz your final abode.”