Alhaji Mohammed Hayatu-Deen
Alhaji Mohammed Hayatu-Deen

Former Chairman/CEO of FSB International Bank PLC, Alhaji Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, has said noted that one of the factors responsible for the grim state of affairs in Nigeria is absence of citizens’ action and participation in political affairs.

Hayatu-Deen also lamented the perplexing issue of carnage unleashed on citizens by connoisseurs of violence and terror.

The respected Technocrat said these on Sunday, January 23, on the occasion of an interactive session with leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Borno State chapter, at Forsham Event Hall, Maiduguri.

The former chairman of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), said that Nigeria was destined to be a dynamic and globally competitive country but has been plagued by chronically inefficient allocation of resources and mismanagement.

He said the desired change for a better and prosperous country can only happen if citizens’ participation in democratic and political institutions is expanded.

The ex- bank chief, who used the occasion to declare his membership for the PDP, said he will give his all and strive to place matters pertaining to the economic well-being of the Nigerian people and the burning issues of insecurity at the center of the Party’s platform. He asserted that healing the deep divisions in the country is of paramount importance’s a necessary condition for stability and progress.

“I have thought long and hard about the calamity that has befallen our dear country and identified many factors that are responsible for this grim state of affairs. One of them is the glaring absence of citizens’ action and participation in the political affairs of the nation”, he said .

“Many of us are simply complacent and just happy to go about seeking our daily bread and not bothering to take an active interest in how we are governed and administered. But how do we ever expect change to happen if we, as citizens, do not effectively participate in the political process, demand results from leaders and hold them accountable.

“It, therefore, goes without saying that such a desired change can only happen if we significantly expand citizens participation in democratic and political institutions by taking concerted action to deepen and enrich the pool of political practitioners.”

While pledging the full measure of his energy and devotion to advance the interests of the PDP, he stressed that , “Ordinarily given the rich endowments of this blessed nation, we should be running an economy that should function, and function at its peak by generating superlative levels of economic output and high levels of economic growth in the range of 10 -15 per cent per annum sustained over a decade and more.”

The former banker, who served in two Presidential Advisory Committees, also gave insights on the efforts of his NGO, the Renaissance Development Forum, at devoting considerable intellectual and financial resources towards the vexing issue of the 14 million out of school children, beginning with the need to get the “ Almajiris “ off the streets and mainstream them into an integrated Islamic cum formal education.

“Despite the abundant blessings bestowed on this beautiful land by Almighty God, something as basic as putting bread and butter on the table is a daily struggle for the majority of Nigerian families. For a great number of our fellow citizens, getting clothed and having a roof over their heads is a utopian dream,” he said.

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