Emadeb Energy Services Limited, aNconsortium, has said it is not part of those responsible for the recent importation of off-spec petrol in the country.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) had named the consortium, comprises four companies namely Emadeb, Hyde, Ay Maikifi and Brittania-U, among the suppliers that brought in methanol-blended petrol from Belgium into Nigeria.

But refuting NNPC’s claim in a statement on Thursday, three members of the consortium (Emadeb/Hyde/Ay Maikifi) said the importation was done solely by its fourth member — Brittania-U.

According to the companies, they needed to provide clarification on the incident in order to protect their image.

“We hereby state that the said importation of the contaminated PMS was executed by a member of the consortium, to wit: Brittania-U,” the statement said.

“Therefore, the blanket claims made against the consortium by the NNPC are misleading and contradict the actual events that happened; they do not fully reflect and/or represent what transpired.”

“Brittania-U Nigeria Limited (Brittania-U) was the sole supplier of the 90,000MT of PMS delivered via MT Torm Hilde with laycan January 2 to 4, 2022.”

They explained that Brittania-U had refused to work with them on petrol importation under the direct sale direct purchase (DSDP) contract with the NNPC.

According to them, Brittania-U chose to work independently and be solely liable for its petrol supplies.

The companies added that they have been duly indemnified by Brittania-U.

“Following the repeated refusal of Brittania-U to work with the Consortium, Brittania-U indemnified the other consortium members – ‘’Emadeb/Hyde/Ay Maikifi’’ and the resulting agreement was executed by their company on June 16, 2021,” the statement reads.

“It reads in part: The Indemnity clause contained in the aforementioned agreement covers “Emadeb/Hyde/Ay Maikifi’’ against all damages, losses, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal costs, expenses and attorneys’ fees) and liabilities incident to claims, demands or causes of action brought by or on behalf of any person or entity, which claims, demands or causes of action arise out of, are incident to or result from the performance of or failure to perform the Project.

“The indemnity also covers Shortages in delivery of products, late deliveries, delivery of off-spec cargo or other wrongful performance of their obligations in the DSDP agreement.

“EMADEB/HYDE/AY MAIKIFI via a letter dated December 10, 2021 informed NNPC of non-receipt of information from Brittania-U on all correspondence relating to the DSDP crude cargo allocated to them. We further stated that Brittania-U’s action contradicts all efforts to ensure performance on her allotted crude cargo.

“In view of the notice of the contaminated product, EMADEB/HYDE/AY MAIKIFI immediately notified Brittania-U via a letter dated February 3, 2022 and also expressly informed NNPC of the sole liability of Brittania U.

“Based on the substantial evidence provided to NNPC and several declarations by Brittania-U to NNPC, Brittania-U is therefore solely liable for the supply of the PMS via MT Torm Hilde.”

The consortium said they have delivered 270,000MT of PMS in the last five months and they were certified by the NNPC-nominated inspector without any complaint or adverse issues.

Out of the 270,000MT of PMS, it said 90,000MT was still being discharged via MT Fair Seas offshore Lagos.

“EMADEB/HYDE/AY MAIKIFI believe that these stated positions of ours have demonstrated that we are not the suppliers of the said contaminated PMS,” the statement adds.

“We are ready to give our full and maximum cooperation to any government investigation panel and or any agency with all the relevant documentation and or information that maybe required.”

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