Adebayo Obajemu

No fewer than 20 Nigerian doctors have died from complications arising from coronavirus in the last one week, the chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), FCT, chapter Enema Amodu, has said.

The FCT NMA chairman said this while speaking at a press briefing on Friday. He said the deceased health workers include consultants, professors and some resident doctors.

Amodu added that the figures keep increasing daily.

”For those of us in the health sector, we have lost quite a number of colleagues. Across the country, we have lost not less than 20 doctors in the last one week,” he said.

Healthcare workers are often at risk of exposure to infections, including COVID-19 as they are the first responders to patients.

Although health workers have been advised to use full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).before attending to patients, many do not have access to this equipment and as a result, over a 1000 health workers have tested positive for COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Mr Amodu called for action amidst the second wave of the pandemic already ravaging the world.

He said the second wave is more catastrophic due to non-adherence to non-pharmaceutical measures put in place to curtail the spread of the virus.

“The world is already facing the second wave of the pandemic and this is so overwhelming. The second wave is more catastrophic because a lot of people have gone back to their ways of doing things,” he said.

He appealed to patients to restrain from hiding their past medical conditions to ensure the safety of health workers across the country


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