FIFA technical director and Super Eagles ex-coach Festus Adegboyega Onigbinde, has advised coaches in Nigeria to relate well with players in all ramifications. Speaking  in a one day seminar  staged for coaches in Ikorodu local government  by the organizers  of the  Teslim‘’Thunder’’ Balogun U17  championship .Onigbinde urged football
coaches to understand the basic  tenets of football as it will go a long way to help their team do better.
He explained that coaches must familiarized themselves with the problems players face on a daily basis, according to him there are psychological, intellectual ,medical, physiological, technical, tactical and intellectual problems players go through every time, and a good coach must really find time to know what a  player is going through.
‘’ Some players may be psychologically down because he is having problems in his marriage, some may be having medical issues ‘’.‘’A coach must understand the physical and medical fitness of his players, he must also ensure adequate provision of welfare package for them”.
On the technical aspect of football he reiterated that the 3rs of football must be properly understood by coaches,  3rs which means releasing, retaining and receiving the ball determines if a team will win or not.
Similarly Onigbinde maintains that football administration shouldn’t be handled by mediocre, every football federation must have guidelines on how to set up football academies and club sides, by FIFA regulations every club side should be able to handle football related activities without external interference. He said.


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