Prophet Olukunmi Ajao
Prophet Ajao

Sesan Laoye

Prophet Olukunmi Ajao, founder and General overseer of the Warrior for Christ, Mission, Railway Crossing, Iju Road Lagos, has called on the Federal government to improve the welfare of the police with good remuneration.

This according to him, would enhance their work and prevent them from engaging in corrupt practices.

The cleric who spoke in response to the agitations and protests against police brutality, argued that the welfare of police personnel was very poor and inadequate relative to the task they are charged with.

He pointed out that as an ambassador of the Police, he would want the government to properl review the salary and allowances of the men and officers in the Force, to further encourage them to be more efficient in their duties.

Ajao further argued that Nigerian Police have been known all over the world to be very courageous and efficient and as well come top whenever they are on foreign mission due to adequate facilities and equipments provided them.

He added that such should be provided for them here in Nigeria where their services are well needed to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

According to Prophet Ajao, “it is very sad that Nigerian government is not doing enough for our police. I cannot imagine why adequate funds are not set aside for them.

“As far as I am concerned, the police need enough resources to cater for their families and as well, modern and up to date equioments to carry out their functions”

“To me the Nigerian police could be more friendly than they are now, if they work in a better and more conducive atmosphere, where they are well catered for, and protected, against, the hazard they were being exposed to, during their work , due to nonchalant attitude of government towards their welfare”

Prophet Ajao went further, ” I laughed when people say that the police are corrupt, but mind you, the level of corruption going on in government and among top government officials and politicians could better be imagined”

“I believed that even if just one percent of the money being stolen, at the high places, is used to equip the police and other security operatives they would be more responsive in preventing crime and respond well to distress calls which in most cases, they were helpless to attend to, due to lack of proper equioments, to carry out their functions.”

He stated that “at this age of development, When all operations especially combating crimes, are done electronically, it is pathetic that Nigerian Police still operate with obsolete equioment. They dont have vehicles, they can’t adequately fuel their vehicles nor able to maitain them, no proper communication, gadgets, to track down criminals, who are well armed with more sophisticated, weapons. Rather, our police men carry cork and shoot outdated guns to battle these hardened criminals.”

He pointed out that rather than government spending enough money for proper policing of Nigeria, people in governnent, go into frivolous spending and for their own selfish interests.

” I have been to many countries outside Nigeria and i am sad when i discovered that police salaries and allowances are not paid on time, that they purchase their uniforms, look for how to maintain, and fuel their operational vehicles,” he said.

“If not for the efforts of some states governments that always come to the rescue of the police in terms of partial funding, to secure their states, security lapses would have been worse than this in Nigeria.” Prophet Ajao stressed.

He also gave kudos to some well meaning Nigerians, organisations, communities and philanthropists, who have been lending supports to the police to ensure that their communities are well policed and protected from criminals.