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Buhari should tell us what he has done to deserve second term – Chief Uwazurike

Chief Uwazurike


Senior lawyer and president emeritus of Igbo think tank group, Aka Ikenga, Chief Goddy Uwazurike has charged President Muhammadu Buhari to tell Nigerians what he has achieved in the last three years of his administration to deserve reelection in 2019.

Buhari had at the National Executive Meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Monday, officially declared his intention to run for second term, but Uwazurike noted that while the president had a right to seek reelection, he should be able to tell Nigerians why he deserves their vote this time.

Chief Uwazurike

“The constitution guarantees the right to contest for elections. The contestant makes some basic promises,” Uwazurike told Business Hallmark.

“But the basis for recontesting is to continue the good work. In other words, President Muhammadu Buhari should tell us what he has achieved! He listed three major areas: Corruption, security and the economy. He should tell us where his achievements lie in these three areas. Let him say if he has fought corruption without fear or favour.

“That the charges of nepotism and cover up of corruption against his men is not true. He should tell us that the insecurity we felt before has been eliminated, that people are free to go anywhere. No Boko Haram, no Fulani killers, no banditry, no kidnapping.

“He should tell us how our economy is better off now that the prices of rice and petrol have doubled. He should tell us that medical services have improved or that our education has improved such that the children of top politicians now school here.”

Uwazurike emphasised that the president should be able to say if he has kept the promises he made prior to his election in 2015 before making new ones.

“Has the promises made to the labour unions been kept? Is the Independence of the judiciary and the legislature fully and firmly respected?” he queried.

“He must tell us how human rights are respected and how court orders are obeyed. The president has to tell us how investors are trooping in and where they are now. He must tell us how factories are reopening. He should say how he has respected freedom of speech and whether he is justified in his treatment of IPOB.”