President Buhari


The current events in the Northern part of Nigeria proof that Prisident Muhammadu Buhari has disappointed people of the egion who are now under seige by bandits.

This is according to a statement titled ‘Silence in the face of evil, is its self evil” and issued by Professor Usman Yusuf on Monday.

Prof Usman condemned the government of the All Progressives Congress government of President Buhari, which he equally described as corrupt and incapable of protecting Nigerians.

Prof Usman a Professor of Haematology-Oncologya and Bone Marrow Transplantation noted the APC federal government has let Nigerians down, especially the people of Arewa for its failure to fulfill all the electionneering promises of 2015.

He also condemned the elites in Nigeria, particularly those in the Northern for keeping silence and paying lip service to various crimes, brigandages, killing and rapping of innocent people by hoodlums in virtually all the Northern states of Nigeria.

According to him, both the elites and those in power at the centre, rather than speak out or act, pretend as if they were not concerned because, in Nigeria, government dont think about the poor and innocent people being killed daily.

The APC and President Buhari, according to him, have failed the people by not providing adequate security, essential amenities and infrastructure to make the people live better lives.

The professor lamented that in the last six years of President Buhari, “corruption has been flourishing more than before, the economy has been in bad shape, security is zero, the country has recorded more deaths through wanton killings of innocent people, especially in the Northern parts of Nigeria”

He said Nigerians and the people of the North have been tolerating the Buhari government thinking that things would change, ‘”while it was even blaspemous for anyone to speak against his government in his first term, but not so now, because the tide is changing even more in Katsina his home state where bandits now kill with impunity. Right now Katsina has now become a mega IDC camp to refugees displaced in their various, villages and towns acros the 9 local governments of the state.”

He lamented that the “entire Northern Nigeria in now seriously under seige where bandits now raid at will, ,towns and villages ,in convoy of moto cycles with three people on each, brandishing AK47, rape burnt houses, stealing live stocks, and abducting women as sex slaves”

He further ponted out that “bandits are unleashing terror on the people and now operates their own government and imposing heavy taxes on the people. There is no law enfocement Agencies to prorect the people, while the police often showed up after the carnage have been done.”

“This has been a National concern, and the question being asked now is, ‘has Security leadership ran out ideas for not being able to arrest the insecurity situation in the country, particularly in Northen Nigeria, because, raping and sexual abuse of women in the North is now rampant by bandits?'”

He pointed out that there was no where in the entire Northern Nigeria, that the hudlums have not taken over: “If you go to Borno, katsina, Zamfara, Adamawa, Niger, Benue, Jigawa, kaduna, Taraba and other areas, people are killed on daily basis”

According to him, Nigerians and specifically people of Arewa are now regretting to have voted for the APC government of President Buhari, which has nothing to repay them, since he has been in government for the past six years, “than kilings, poverty and, homelesness,. While the President seems distant, uncaring, and out of touch with the sufferings of his largest support base. It has never been in his nature to commiserate or empathize with people in real-time in their hours of need. He does not send a delegation to condole with the people, or leaders of the communities affected.”

He further argued “Governors in Arewa have essentially become Governors of condolences in their States. They all appear helpless with many literally blackmailed into negotiating with these murderous bandits. There is a picture on social media that made me cringe. Though it was touted as a disarmament process with the bandits terrorizing the State, the picture clearly tells who was in charge. It showed the State Governor, a Senior Military Officer and a bandit brandishing his AK47 in the middle. For goodness sake, you do not negotiate with unrepentant rapists, mass murderers, kidnappers, arsonists, and cattle rustlers, instead, you bring them to swift justice.'”

According to him, “the threat of famine in Nigeria is real and almost certain if the federal government does not take urgent and serious security measures that will protect our people to go back to their farms. In all the States terrorized by these bandits, they choose the most fertile parts of the State to terrorize farmers off their farms. Food insecurity in addition to current insecurity to lives and properties, will be a disaster and a serious threat to our National Security and existence as a Nation” he posited