Buhari a figurehead, Army chiefs report to Tunde Sabiu – Naja’atu Muhammed
Sabiu Tunde, Muhammadu Buhari

Naja’atu Muhammed, ex-head of the civil society organisations directorate of the APC presidential campaign council, has described President Muhammadu Buhari as a figurehead and apathetic ruler who has put Yusuf ‘Tunde’ Sabiu, his nephew, at Nigeria’s helm of affairs.

Speaking in an interview with ThisDay on Wednesday, she said, “In the first place, Buhari does not care about anything. He had never cared. He doesn’t care about the country, nor is he really in charge. He has thrown the country to the dogs. He has a prime minister in the name of his nephew—grand nephew Tunde. Whether we want to believe it or not, Tunde is the de facto president.”

Muhammed noted that Sabiu has more powers than his benefactor, the Nigerian president.

“I know that even the service chiefs report to him. Tunde is Sabiu. Do you know him?” He’s called Tunde because he was named after Tunde Idiagbon,” she stated.



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