BRT driver reveals how Bamishe was raped before being murdered
Nice, Bamishe

The arrested driver of BRT vehicle in which Miss Oluwabamishe Ayanwole was killed, Andrew Nice, has revealed that the 22-year-old who was found dead on Monday was raped before being murdered.

Nice stated this in a confessional video that has gone viral.

His confession contradicts the version aired on Monday by Lagos TV station, TVC, in which Andrew Nice claimed that his bus was hijacked by gunmen who allegedly took away late Bamishe, a tailor who got missing after boarding the BRT at Chevron Bus Stop in Lekki on February 26.

In the version aired on TVC, Mr. Nice had denied knowledge of those who murdered Bamise.

“I picked her from Chevron and I picked the other three guys at Agungi. When those guys showed me the weapons as I was going, I was not myself anymore. Fear came over me,” he had said.

“Whatever the gunmen told me, that is what I did. When I followed that Carter bridge, after the overhead bridge, they ordered me to stop there.

“When they ordered me to stop, they said I should open the door. When I opened the door, they now started dragging her down (referring to Bamise).

“When I saw she was crying for help, I was actually helpless. I was thinking she was inside the vehicle holding the iron and I moved on.

“I left her at that scene. I never knew they dragged her down already. I have no connection with any of them.”

Meanwhile, Ebun Oluwa Adegboruwa, SAN, a human rights lawyer, on Tuesday, in a statement, accused the Lagos State Government of attempting to cover up Bamishe’s rape and murder.

He demanded that the federal authorities should take over investigations into Bamishe’s abduction and death.

“Events unfolding concerning the murder of Miss Oluwabamishe Ayanwole are as intriguing as they are worrisome. Following public outcry and media monitoring, the Lagos State Government hurriedly packaged the Bus Rapid Transfer driver for media interview, to give the impression that he was innocent of the crime,” he said.

“Some further revelations have now thrown up very serious questions that the Lagos State Government must answer, if it is not covering up this dastardly act of daylight murder.

In a homicide matter of this magnitude, how can a prime suspect who was declared missing, be handed over to government by the security agencies?

“A video of his initial arrest showed that the driver confessed to having carnal knowledge of the deceased, in very remorseful fashion. He was dressed in shabby and disheveled attire, truly reflecting his fugitive status as of the time of his arrest.

“Who then packaged a crime suspect, to turn out clean shaven, dressed in specially designed Lagos State Government outfit and now well tutored to claim innocence to set up the cock and bull story of hijack?

“Why was Lagos State Government romancing a murder suspect?

“And why was he paraded on a selected media of TV Continental, over which Lagos State has influence through patronage?

“What is the business of Lagos State in the interrogation of a murder suspect?

“The Commissioner of Police had earlier addressed the press to the extent that the suspect had confessed to the crime before Lagos State emerged with the latter James Bond storyline.

“What interest is the government serving to cover up a clear case of blue murder?

“Has there been other cases of ritual killings in BRT buses to which the government has become accustomed?

“Why will a driver whose bus was hijacked and has thus become a victim himself then bolt away for days without reporting to his employers?

“Your employee that was trusted with human carriage took your citizen who boarded the bus innocently based on trust that it’s a government outfit, your driver allegedly saw the citizen abducted, your driver drove the bus to you, he did not report the incident but handed over the bus and disappeared and after public outcry he was apprehended and all you do is dress him up for press interview to lie to the public, after killing an innocent girl?

“What kind of government will do this wickedness and expect to earn the trust of its people?

“It will be a sad day for humanity in general for a responsible government to stoop so low to try to cover up a clear case of murder, just for public relations. It is unthinkable that Governor Babajide Sanwoolu that we know would be a party to this nonsense story of hijack, which does not add up at all.

“It is clear that the Lagos State police command cannot be trusted to handle this case, given that it surrendered a murder suspect still under investigation to the Lagos State Government for media packaging.

“I therefore urge the federal government and the Inspector-General of Police to take over this investigation immediately, before the case is completely compromised.”

Passengers stranded as BRT suspends operations over fear of attack

In a similar development, passengers who left their various houses for work in on Tuesday were stranded at various bus stations as operators of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme in the state suspended operations for fear of attacks in the wake of the death of 22-year-old Ayanwole.

Our reporter who visited some BRT terminals in morning hours of Tuesday, confirmed that there were not buses to convey passengers, and the the usually ubiquitous yellow buses were unable to meet demand.

Some officials Primero, the firm operating the BRT buses told our reporter on the condition of anonymity that they could not operate for fear of attack.



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